इश्क वला लव्ह

इश्क वला लव्ह

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Is. My kinship with Max Mरller is developing. I will be giving two talks soon at Oxford.

I’m promptly caught up in crafted by composing a book on Vedanta reasoning. I’m occupied with crafted by gathering portions from different Vedas examining the three appendages of Vedanta. If it’s not too much trouble, help me a little by requesting that somebody gather passages from Advaita, Vishistadvaita and these sentiments from Samhita, Brahmanagranth, Upanishads and Puranas. All extracts ought to be written in decipherable letters. I don’t believe it’s on the whole correct to abandon some philosophical texts prior to leaving the West.

A book imprinted in Tamil was distributed in Mysore. 108 Upanishads were imprinted in it. I saw that book in Professor Dawson’s library. Has it been reproduced in Devanagari script? Assuming this is the case, send a duplicate. If not, send me a duplicate of Tamil content and in doing as such compose Tamil letters and consonants on a piece of paper and compose similar letters and consonants in Devanagari script before them and send it to me with the goal that I can learn Tamil letters in order.

Mr Satyanathan had met him in London. He said that the Madras Mail, a main Anglo-Indian paper in Madras, had composed a great survey of my Rajyoga text. I hear that one of the main physiologists in America has been overpowered by my contemplations, while then again some in England have criticized my thought. Fantastic! Obviously, my contemplations and thoughts are exceptionally striking, it is valid. A large number of these thoughts won’t ever be perceived by individuals; However, there are ideas that physicists ought to acknowledge quickly, paying little heed such that this book has had on me.

“Individuals need to discuss me, however they need to talk,” he said.

Obviously, since English individuals are most likely a refined individual, I don’t hear foul language in England as much as in America. In addition, most of the English teachers we find there are hostile to Semitic. They don’t have a place with the enlightened class of England. Every one of the sincere individuals here have a place with the English Church. The individuals who go against this group have no weight in England and no instruction. I have heard nothing here with regards to individuals against whom you caution me every once in a while. They are not known to anybody here, and they don’t dare to behave like dolts. Smash K. Naidu might have effectively arrived at Madras. I trust you are well.

Lager Vatsano, proceed with persistence. Where you recently began. Never surrender! The word ‘enough’ ought to never emerged from the mouth. Going toward the west and seeing various nations wakes up. By showing what we have and what we don’t have in India, I accumulate persevering activists here, not simply by jabbering on! I need no less than 1,000,000 Hindus to go all over the planet immediately!

I have no silver or gold. In any case, what I have I provide for you unreservedly. What’s more that is the information that is gold.

इश्क वला लव्ह

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