कर मन लग्न

कर मन लग्न

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What about India, England, America? Ignorant people who are human servants of God in human society. Doesn’t the one who waters the root of the tree water the relationship tree? The single core of social, political and spiritual well-being fire mantra.

Such is the foundation. That is the realization that I and my brother are one. This is a fact that applies to all societies and all countries. And I say that the West will sooner or later realize this truth than the East; Because the Orientals have spent almost all of their energy in inventing this idea, in creating only a select few who have experienced it firsthand.

Let us renounce all such desires for glory, honor, domination over others, and apply to work; Let us be free from the triple trap of work, anger, greed. Then the truth is ours.

(To Mr. Alsinga Perumal)

September 9, 1895. It amazes me that you take the foolishness of the missionaries so seriously. If the people of India insist that I eat strictly Hindu food, they should be told to send me a chef and enough money for his expenses. I can smile at the dictatorship of the people who do not really help even the smallest bit. On the contrary, if the missionaries ever tell you that celibacy and poverty are the two vows of sannyasa, then tell them, ‘You are a big liar.

Please write a letter to a missionary named Tumham, find him in my place, write down the names of those who provided him with information, whether the providers reported what they saw or heard, etc. Doing so will get his bing out and the question will disappear. Dr. Janes proved the hypocrisy of the people in such a way.

For my part, remember that I am not a dictator. I know my work in life, I have no false pride in my country. I belong to the world as much as I belong to India. In this case, the lie is not at all. I have helped you as much as possible. Now you must all stand on your own two feet. No country has any special right over me. Am I a slave of a country? Unbelieving atheists, don’t be silly.

I worked hard, gave all the money I collected to Calcutta and Madras and after doing so much, why should I consider their stupid dictatorship? Don’t you people feel ashamed? I don’t care about any of these people! I don’t value their praise. Am I going to be a little scared because they will blame? Vatsa, I am a different person, you are not familiar with me yet. You do your work; If you can’t work, keep quiet; But do not rule over me by blabbering on like a fool. I see that behind me there is a power greater than man, God, Satan. I have no one to help me. I have been helping others all my life …. They cannot raise a small amount of money to contribute to the work of the greatest man who has ever lived in India – Sri Ramakrishna; And they roar like fools, and they want to rule over the man who did everything possible for them and did nothing for them! The world is so ungrateful.

कर मन लग्न

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