काली काली जूल्फे

काली काली जूल्फे

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Compose and let him in on that I am appreciative to him. I don’t have the opportunity to talk about everything. Rather than kidding around with somebody, I think there are such countless incredible things I need to do throughout everyday life, attempt to dispose of the excess of ceremonies, those molds are not for weak willed, and everybody ought to carry out things when they become illuminated. …. I don’t have anything to do with biased obsession or weakness, I don’t have anything to do with them.

It is preposterous to expect to engender the liberal and respectable musings of Sri Ramakrishna and to set up a tight order simultaneously. That is the reason I am prostrating at the feet of Buddhadeva ….. I’m Vedanti, Sachchidananda is my God, I don’t see some other God aside from my extraordinary soul. पर्यंत From Brahmadistamba to Brahma to the trivial leaf of grass, everybody will get freedom in due time. It is our obligation to assist everybody with arriving at this stage. This assistance is religion. The rest is injustice. This assistance is karma, any remaining underhanded deeds. Aside from this I don’t track down some other significance of these things.

Aside from this some other Vedic or Tantric karma can likewise bring some natural product, yet to take asylum of it is unadulterated exercise in futility, on the grounds that the product of karma which is virtue is acquired exclusively by selflessness. Yajnadi karma will bring different sufferings, however it is totally outlandish for one to get the immaculateness of the spirit …. Everything exists in the spirit of the animal. He who demands that I am unrestrained choice without a doubt be free, and he who demands that I am bound can’t avoid being bound. The possibility of ​​self-disavowal that we are poor is, as I would see it, sin, obliviousness. ‘Nayamatma balahinen labhya:’

Balahinala atmalabha sarvathaiva ashakya’ Asti Brahma Vadasi Chet, Asti Bhavishyasi; Nasti Brahma Vadasi Chetnastyev If it is said that Brahman is a spirit, then, at that point, by becoming Astisvarupa, assuming it is said that Brahman isn’t a spirit, then, at that point, by becoming Nastisvarup, he generally considers himself poor and powerless, why not become solid? Then again, he who realizes that ‘I am Brahmsinh’ is liberated from this Jagjjalat who breaks the enclosure and comes out. ‘ interestingly, Sri Ramakrishna didn’t seem to lecture the new truth. Their appearance uncovered the antiquated truth. He was the encapsulation of all the previous strict dhoughts of India. His life alone caused me to get what the Shastras truly implied, and the entire arrangement and extent of the old Stustras was the encapsulation of the multitude of old strict goals of India. It was through his life that I came to know what the genuine importance of the antiquated sacred texts was, what their motivation was, and what their motivation was.

The evangelists here couldn’t do much for me. By the beauty of Yahweh, I am adored by individuals here, and it isn’t feasible for them to be dispersed by anybody’s viewpoint. They comprehend my musings so well that even my comrades can’t comprehend and consequently they are sacrificial. That is to say, with regards to genuine work, they dispose of unimportant envy or ‘I’m too enormous’. At work, they all work under the direction of the ideal individual. This is the mystery of their significance. Yet, their nation is rich. The main thing that strikes a chord here is cash. We have individuals with great affection with regards to cash, yet all at once not here. There are magnets in each house. Amplification resembles religion here. In the event that some wrongdoing is carried out, then, at that point, these individuals are found in the possession of the ministers and afterward by giving cash.

काली काली जूल्फे

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