तुला गोडीन सातारा फिरविन

तुला गोडीन सातारा फिरविन

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No. Sanyal is suffocated on the planet. Be careful, Baba, be careful! That is all you want to lecture as an obligation. Obviously you have become enormous individuals now. It is safe to say that you will address somewhat cost for my words? In any case, I trust that there will come when your vision will be more clear, you will have more information on realities and the present contemplations will be supplanted by various considerations.

Farewell! I won’t ever trouble you again. Best of luck to all of you. I’m happy I thought that you are useful once – obviously assuming you suspect as much. Essentially I am fulfilled that I attempted to do the obligations shared with me by Gurudev. Regardless of how awful the work, I am happy with what I did. Farewell then, at that point! Tell Sanyal that I am not furious with him, yet all at once dismal yet exceptionally miserable! Pass on it to the cash; It doesn’t cost me by any means; But I was tragic that he strayed from the standard. I disdain the manner in which he treated me. Best of luck to him and best of luck to every one of you! A scene of my life finished. The remainder of the cases are all together. I’m prepared to invite them. You don’t need to stress over me. I don’t anticipate any assistance from any individual in any country. Farewell then, at that point! God favor all of you.

Dear United States of America, Received books sent by Sanyal. To make reference to this I neglected. Tell him. I needed to compose something for every one of you, so I compose it. 1. Comprehend that partisanship is the main driver of all abhorrent. That is, in case you love each other more than the other, then, at that point, you should be certain that you are planting the seeds of future inconveniences.

Are you 2. On the off chance that somebody comes to you and starts criticizing one of your siblings, decline to pay attention to him. Simply listening is a major sin. It contains the seeds of future struggles. 3. Additionally, bear the culpability of everybody. However, consideration wrongdoing from others.

Pardon them regardless of whether it occurs. Assuming you love everybody unselfishly, everybody will steadily fall head over heels for one another. The second one understands that one’s advantages rely upon the other, every one of them will surrender desire. It isn’t in our public nature to meet up and accomplish something. So you need to try sincerely and show restraint. To come clean with you, I don’t see any contrast between you, large or little. Every one of you has the ability to show extraordinary power when required. I can see that obviously. Shashi, for instance, will adhere solidly to your position; His relentlessness is the establishment of our work. How effective the gathering at the municipal center was by both Yogen and Kali! That was a huge accomplishment! Niranjan has done a great deal of work in Ceylon and somewhere else. Sarada has likewise made a trip to many places and planted the seeds of future extraordinary deeds! Each time I think about Hari’s brilliant parsimony, his Buddha height and his Titikshe, I get new strength! Tulsi, Gupta, Baburam, Sharat Prabhruti all have gigantic power. Assuming you need to know whether or not Sri Ramakrishna was a gem specialist.

तुला गोडीन सातारा फिरविन

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