तूझ्या प्रेमात दिलं हरलो

तूझ्या प्रेमात दिलं हरलो.

A short depiction of one of the social happenings in South Korea. Pepero day is one of the informal days where couples and individuals of any age trade gifts of Pepero to one another as an indication of affection,friendship or regard.

Sway, the Best Man at the wedding I covered last end of the week, investigated my camera and said, with tears in his eyes, “This is the most wonderful wedding I’ve at any point seen. Such a sweet, sweet couple. I hope everything works out for them and trust they stay together always.” I would have accepted him as well, on the off chance that he wasn’t wearing a cockerel looked at athletic supporter on his head.

Or on the other hand in the event that he hadn’t taken a swing at the man of the hour sooner in the gathering, just subsequent to bringing down a large portion of a fifth of Wild Turkey in one long swallow and afterward declaring his everlasting desire for his dearest companion’s new lady.

Following 20 or more long periods of covering weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and other such time butchering festivities for my little video business, I should say, this wedding, what I currently call the Smith-Davis disaster of 2013, was the most intriguing calamity I at any point covered.

At the point when God gives us an arrangement. He will just give us the best plans that lead to the best brilliance for him.

A great deal of theaters out there today are growing the sorts of exhibitions that they put on. They need to have the option to leave the crowd in wonder while they are watching an exhibition. Theaters need the crowd to leave with a feeling of satisfaction and realize that they just saw a stunning show that was absolutely astounding.

तूझ्या प्रेमात दिलं हरलो

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