तूझ्या वीणा काळजात दुष्काळ पडलाय र

तूझ्या वीणा काळजात दुष्काळ पडलाय र

What will be the philosophy that will manage over what’s to come? Judging by the set of experiences, it will be seen that main the philosophy which is reasonable for endurance keeps going. What makes endurance beneficial? – So, because of that person, the uniqueness of the reasoning human will stay the religion of things to come, this is beyond question! The religions that can show the most significant level of character in our lives 1-Then they will be successful in all factions regardless of the distance away they are.

Allow me to let you know a little with regards to my experience. At the point when my Gurudev surrendered his body, we were ten or twelve youngsters. Numerous amazing associations were continually attempting to dispose of us; But Sri Ramakrishna had given us an extraordinary gift; It isn’t simply an issue of words, yet a craving to carry on with an optimal life and to have a deep rooted practice for it, and today all India knows and regards Sri Ramakrishna and the realities he educated are fanning out like quickly. Ten years prior, while gathering 100 individuals to praise his birthday, my nose was coming nine, last year 50,000 individuals had accumulated at a similar spot.

Numbers, influence, riches, grant, way of talking, or whatever else doesn’t win; Only person, carrying on with an optimal life – in a word, experience is the triumph. Twelve male lions who have broken their own bonds and who have contacted limitlessness, who have become totally heavenly, who couldn’t care less with regards to abundance, power and distinction, regardless of whether they go to each nation, will be sufficient to shake the entire world.

That is the key. Patanjali, the dad of yoga, says, “Man accomplishes Samadhi called Dharmamegh just when he denies all accomplishments.” He had a dream of God, he was God himself as well as other people Helps to occur. This is the thing that I need to instruct. Various assessments have been broadly circled till date, a huge number of books have been made. Yet, too bad! How much better it would be in the event that anybody could incorporate even a little piece of it.

Organizations and affiliations will be made consequently. Where there is no envy, where will desire come from? There are countless individuals who have been fined for restricting us and making us troubled. However, the fact of the matter is with us, isn’t so a sign? The more resistance I have, the more my power becomes show. Many have tossed me out of your entryways; Also, Rajerajwada has called me and loved me. Strict pioneers and the overall population have denounced me similarly. Be that as it may, what is in it? God favor them all. Since regardless of whether it occurs, it is my spirit. Furthermore, didn’t they assist me with loving a springboard? Didn’t my solidarity grow a lot as they attempted to pull me down?

. I have come to know the mysterious that I am not in any manner terrified of the people who tattle about religion. What’s more, the Mahabhagas who have firsthand insight of Dharma are not antagonistic to anybody. Allow the busybodies to chatter. What else do they get? Allow them to convey Kaminikanchan and popularity. However, let us adhere to the genuine experience, the Brahmanubhuti. Allow us to stick to reality, from birth, yet from birth. We ought not give any consideration to what others are saying.

Notwithstanding, his work became beneficial. Hari ॐ something more. Presumably I love India. In any case, each day my vision is getting more clear and more clear. To you.

तूझ्या वीणा काळजात दुष्काळ पडलाय र

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