दिसते सुंधर गोड तुम्ही smile

दिसते सुंधर गोड तुम्ही smile

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Try to open their eyes by giving them knowledge about the world, the various developments going on in that country and the world as a whole. You will find many poor and uneducated people. Go to their door anytime in the morning and evening and teach them and open their eyes. Books etc. are of no use in such places. Put all the emphasis on oral teaching. Then gradually begin to increase your centers. Can you do all this – Or just keep moving the bell?

I came to know all the facts about Tarakdada from Madras. The people there have a very high opinion of him – all the people are satisfied with him. Tarakdada, if you stay in Madras for a few days, it will be a big task. But before you go there, start where you are. Can’t the local women who are devotees of Lord Ramakrishna make disciples of some widows? Can’t you teach these widows some knowledge? After that, by sending them from house to house, why can’t you spread propaganda about Sri Ramakrishna and also spread education?

Come on! Get up! Get to work with your body, mind and soul. Gone are the days of chatting and ringing bells. Now you have to do something. Let us now see how far the race of Bengali religion has come. Niranjan writes that Latu needs some warm clothes. People here order woolen cloth from Europe and India. In the fourth quarter of the price here you will find the warm cloth you want in Calcutta ….. I can’t say when I will go to Europe, everything is uncertain. That’s all there is to it.

I hope Evanna Yogen is healed in the rock. Sarada’s wandering attitude does not seem to have subsided yet. The ability to team up should come, come to mind? Avoid any of you Is that so common sense? If so, let’s try. Tarakdada, Sharat and Hari can do this. Shashi is basically lacking in creativity but he is a man of perseverance. These qualities are very much needed. He also knows how to do the actual work.

Everyone else should do as they are told. We need some young disciples who are very enthusiastic, they have to be intelligent, they have to be brave – they have to be ready to jump into the jaws of death, they don’t have to be afraid to cross the ocean. We want hundreds of such men and women. Came to mind? Let this one goal be in front of your eyes now. Gather some of these people with all your might and throw them into your sanctifying mold.

You don’t even know the ins and outs of it. They had no choice but to recognize the thoughts of others and keep on doing miracles! It is good that Sanyal meets you frequently. Do you write letters to Gupta? Take care of him and bless him with my affection. Gradually, things will get better. I don’t like to write heaps of heaps of letters. I don’t prepare anything for lectures in advance. I have written only one speech before which you have printed. All the rest of the speeches were about standing up and talking. Gurudev is with me! I don’t feel the need to sit on white and black. Once in Detroit, I was talking for three hours straight. I am often surprised to see such unparalleled accomplishments. I am stunned to see that you have so much knowledge in your head! People here have put a piece of wood behind me to write a book, and I feel that the time has come to do something like this. But by breaking limbs, taking daut, tak, paper.

दिसते सुंधर गोड तुम्ही smile

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