दोस्तांना Attitude status

दोस्तांना Attitude status

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Allow me to let you know something unique and remember it. Perhaps you and I won’t ever meet again. Be exemplary and brave, and let your heart be unadulterated. Be reasonable and don’t be fearless. The choice of strict contrasts is equivalent to Yatra.

Just the individuals who are worried are erring; Heroes never sin – they never let corrupt contemplations enter their psyches. Attempt to cherish everybody. Act naturally a genuine ‘man’ and attempt to make the Rama, Krishnamayi, Indu Prabhutris under your immediate oversight courageous, temperate and compassionate. Vatsana, there could be no other religion for you than ethical quality and boldness.

Try not to surrender to weakness, sin, offense or shortcoming by any means – then, at that point, you will get all the other things consequently. Additionally, don’t take Ram with you to watch plays or other amusement programs that debilitate the psyche or let him go.

Dear Rama, Krishnamayi and Indu, youngsters, recall that the shy and the powerless sin and falsehood. Not set in stone individuals are consistently equitable. Attempt to be honorable, valiant, and humane.

Dear Govind Sahay

Is your Shiva Puja going on consistently? If not, keep it up. “Investigate the realm of God first, then, at that point, every one of the beneficial things will come to you consequently.” Follow God, every one of your desires will materialize …. Make proper acquaintance with the two administrators. Notwithstanding being a high authority, he was exceptionally kind to a helpless fakir like me. Vatsanno, the mystery of religion is in real practice, not in dry philosophy.

Regard yourself and do great to other people – this is the entire religion. “He who shouts out, ‘Master, Lord,’ is certainly not a genuine adherent, yet he who does the desire of the Lord is a genuine devotee.” All of you Alwar inhabitants, you are on the whole generally excellent. I trust that a large number of you youngsters will help the general public sooner rather than later and you will help the homeland.

Favor you

Your Vivekananda Ta. Try not to be occupied by a periodic shocks of the world regardless of whether you need to eat. The present circumstance will before long clear up and all will be great.

दोस्तांना Attitude status

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