भांनत पोरगी

भांनत पोरगी

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I presently don’t have any limitations in this world. I have seen life. Also it’s all childish – life is for self-centeredness, love is for childishness, honor is for narrow-mindedness, everything is for self-centeredness. That is the reason I am fulfilled; By no means would I like to pass on that I prescribe for the mother to be latent. However, the world is so unimportant, life is so inconsequential, living is submissive to such an extent that great normal individuals, when they are there, are after narrow minded and modest and wretched compensation.

I grin in shock when they are tracked down running. This is valid. We are trapped in a snare and the sooner we receive in return the better. I have a genuine encounter of reality.

Where I currently live is a huge, pleasant mountain garden, toward the north, straightforwardly to the skyline, with the snow-covered pinnacles of the Himalayas dissipated in a steady progression, and thick woods. It is neither cold nor blistering here; The mornings and nights here are extremely fragrant. I have chosen to remain here this late spring and will be working in the lower fields when the downpours start.

I was brought into the world to carry on with an existence of learning, away from individuals, in a calm spot, understanding books. In any case, Mother Jagan’s will is unique; Yet my unique inclination is consistently something very similar.

This semen work is finished by Bhuvanani himself. Ramakrishna consistently Vande Sharva Swatantramishwaram.

“Prabhavati Bhagavan Vidhi:” Ityagmin: Aprayoganipuna: Prayoganipunashca Purusham Bahumanyaman: Tayo: Paurusheyapaurusheyapratikarabalyo: Vivekagrahanibandhan: Kalah iti matva yatasvayushman sharachandra akramitum gyanagirigurorgarishtham shikharam.

Be that as it may, on account of “Tattvanikashgrava Vipaditi”, there are many “Tattvamasi” standards. Idmev tannidanam vairagyarujah. Favored is the person who is honored with life. Arochishnu programming interface nirdishami padam prachinam-“kalah kashchit pratiksyatam” iti. । Purvahito Veg: Paran Neshyati Navam. Tadevoktam – “Tat swayam yogasansiddha: kalenatmani vindati,. Most importantly, on the off chance that there is no creepy crawly eating cerebrum; However, Tadedam Apatati Tyaag: Manas: Sankochanam Anyasmat Vastuna: Pindikaranam Cha Ishware or Atmani. Sarveshvarastu vyaktirvisesho bhavitu narhati, samastirityeva grahaniyam. Atmeti vairagyavato jivatma iti napadyate, however sarvagah sarvantaryami sarvasyatmarupenavasthita: sarvesvara: an objective. Far reaching reviews straightforwardly. Furthermore Sati Jiveshwarayo: Swaroopatha Abhedabhavatyo: Sevapremarupa Karmanorbheda :. Ayamev Vishesh: – Jive Jivabuddhya or Seva Samarpita Sa Daya, Na Prem, Yadatmabuddhya Jiva: Sevyate, Tat Prem. Atmano howdy premaspadatvam shrutismritipratyaksaprasiddhatvat. Tatyuktameva Yadvadit Bhagwan Chaitanya: – Love God, show benevolence to such an extent.

भांनत पोरगी

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