मधव्ह्यानी गोड

मधव्ह्यानी गोड

Pleasant dismal Gopu’s parala and the scars of his home were dissipated everywhere. On their anxiety was an exceptionally old image of a yellow mother lying with enormous eyes. Padukaka used to show her incense and kill her in her own mouth.

For what reason does he do that? Is it insane that Devin himself has requested that he do such discipline? Then, at that point, he would get his ear cartilage like a collapsed hand and quickly discharge them and slap them in the mouth once more. In doing as such, he mumbled something. I was persuaded that he was presenting the mantra of making my granddad a stone ruler.

Interestingly that day, I saw Anna crying. He was holding my granddad’s hand and crying like me. They are in a rush to go to our home soon. However, my mom was in the clinic or she had a child, so two months after she got back home, my granddad planned to bring her home. For what reason would you say you are crying? I thought that it is unimaginable, new, and comparably miserable.

Do they additionally have Padukka eyes that Anna needs to come to us as there is no joy in their home. Going to Padukaka’s home and going to our home essentially for grandparents, I thought seeing Anna crying. However, the delight in our home never gotten me. Nor did anybody in our home give joy to the genuine God.

At the point when I returned home, I was unable to try and make a stride. Then, at that point, Dada took me on his shoulder and I put my neck around his neck. At the point when I woke up late toward the beginning of the day, I understood that I had been brought to my fat auntie in the first part of the day. Grandpa went out some place toward the beginning of the day. I was playing with my auntie’s pinku and naddu the entire day.

At the point when Grandpa came in the evening, I continued to check out him with wide eyes and seeing his wide eyes, I began crying. Then, at that point, my body began crying alongside my eyes and legs. Baba cleaned his eyes and let me know that Anna had gone to God’s home in the first part of the day

मधव्ह्यानी गोड.

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