मन कुहू कूहू करतय

मन कुहू कूहू करतय

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P.O. – Ask Sanyal to provide me with a duplicate of every one of the Naradasutras and Shandilyasutras and a duplicate of Yogavasistha meant Calcutta. I might want an English interpretation of Yogavasistha. No Bengali interpretation.

Dear Alsinga, 1895 We don’t have an association or we would rather not structure one. Everybody has the option to opportunity of assessment and articulation; this right incorporates opportunity to hold feelings without obstruction and to look for, get and confer data and thoughts through any media and paying little mind to boondocks.

Assuming you have self-assurance in your place, you will draw in individuals’ souls. – You can never embrace this technique. The explanation is straightforward. They have a coordinated faction, we have in no way like that.

I will likely make the best individual. I have no other aspiration than to make an optimal individual by giving legitimate instruction. My insight is very little, I show it without saving anything. Where. I let it be known where I know nothing. I’m happy to check whether individuals are finding support from Theosophists, Christians or Muslims or any other person on the planet. I’m a recluse. Also, that is the reason I live in this world not as an expert but rather as a worker …. Regardless of whether individuals love me or they disdain me, both are something similar to me.

Everybody needs to save themselves. Everybody needs to do whatever they might want to do. I don’t take anybody’s assistance and assuming somebody does it, I don’t deny it. I reserve no option to look for help from any other person in this world. Who might have helped me previously, or whatever It is their benevolence to me that will help me. Indeed, I reserve no privilege to look for their assistance. Also, that is the reason I am always thankful to them.

At the point when I turned into a Sannyasi, I got everything and took Sannyasi Diksha. I have taken this inception realizing that this body should pass on of starvation. What’s so huge with regards to a goat’s head? ” I am a transient. Every one of my companions are poor, I love poor people, I invite neediness. I’m glad with regards to when I need to go hungry. I don’t ask anybody for help. What will be its utilization? Reality will spread itself. Nothing will pass on without my assistance. The main thing that will be viable in the end will be “Timeless love, enduring equity of brain in any circumstance, complete shortfall of envy and scorn. This will be powerful, whatever else will be viable. No.

. Your concept of ​​starting a magazine is truly incredible. * Try hard to make it a reality. … try not to stress over cash by any means. There are a many individuals who lecture Christianity and Islam. In any case, hopefully you will observe a Muslim who is familiar with Arabic and could decipher old Arabic texts from him. A lot of India’s set of experiences is written in Persian. Assuming you can interpret these books progressively, it will end up being a decent and standard point for your magazine.

मन कुहू कूहू करतय

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