संविधान दिवस

संविधान दिवस

Try not to be fraudulent. Presently come out whatever is somewhere out there. I have not tracked down any method for fulfilling everybody, except I will stay as I am and I won’t misdirect myself. “Youth and excellence are annihilated, both life and property are obliterated, the last remnants of popularity are gone, even the incredible mountains are tidied, say kinship, say love, there is no discussion of them all things considered. That is the nice thing to do, and it should end there. ” O God of Truth, you are the person who consistently shows me the way.

I’m not mature enough to be pretty much as sweet as spread and as sweet as honey. So let me be as I am currently. ‘Sannyasin! Leave reality alone your aide. Relinquish all feelings of dread, without having any feeling of trade, without having any mulahija of foe companions, hold quick to the unrivaled truth. From this second on, eliminate the craving, everything being equal. Try not to try and glance back at this multitude of individuals. ‘ I have no doubts about popularity, fortune, or extravagance. Sister All of this is not any more important to me than the residue under my feet. I need to have the option to help my siblings and sisters. What benefit is a site on the off chance that it just “mixes ready” with all the other things out there? Sister! My brain is as yet powerless, my hand now and again precisely inclines forward to find support from the rest of the world. Yet, so I’m not apprehensive. Dread is the best sin; This is the educating of my religion.

The new fight with the Presbyterian Patra and the resulting long-running discussion with Mrs. Bull, Manu’s reprobation to the Sannyas, “Remain Alone, Walk Alone,” plainly entered my thoughts. Kinship with ladies specifically – that of ‘give me, give me.

There is no feeling of self-centeredness. O incredible men! All things considered, what you say is valid. An individual who is deadened in any structure can’t actually venerate God. Restrict! Be quiet, be desolate, that is the way God will continue to tell you. Life isn’t anything! Passing is likewise a deception! All that you see is non-existent. God is the main truth! Try not to fear anything! Be desolate Sister, the best approach is extremely long, there is brief period left and the evening has started to spread around. I ought to be back home soon. I don’t have the opportunity to make my social conduct fascinating and satisfying to individuals. I don’t have the opportunity to let individuals know what I have come to say. You are great, you are caring, I will do anything I desire for you; But don’t be vexed, trust me. I’m a tiny bit of child to you.

Try not to be shocked by the fantasy! Try not to enter the fantasy land once more! In a word, I need to give a message to the world – I don’t have the opportunity to manage the world pleasantly, and with each endeavor to act like that, fraud falls on me. Individuals of this moronic world – regardless of whether they are from my nation or from this or some other nation – furnished me with an existence of eccentricity, similar to a ‘jellyfish, despite the fact that I needed to kick the bucket multiple times, rather than carrying on with a hopeless life. I will readily acknowledge that. Like Mrs. Bull, assuming you have an inclination that I need to accomplish something, it is a slip-up, an error. संविधान दिवस I would rather not accomplish any ‘work’ anyplace in this world and in the great beyond. I need to give a message to individuals and I will say it in my own specific manner. I won’t place my message in the form of Christianity or Hinduism or some other religion. I’ll just place it in my form. My main religion is salvation; And whatever happens to him, he will be limited by it, either by battling him or by avoiding him.

संविधान दिवस

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