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Hello brothers and welcome to your new post.

Brethren, your video today is very cool. You have made today’s video in Alightmotion app and special is that you have made this video on your new crush i.e. krithi sheety.

Brothers, first of all you have to install today’s beat make, you don’t have to do anything for that, just click on the button below the beat mark project link.

Beat mark project link

Then you have to apply an overlay effect but to download it you have to click on the button below. We want to keep the duration of this overlay till our first beat mark.

Overlay effect Download link

Then we want to put a knghi name png on the overlay and the duration of this png but we want to keep the overlay effect.

Kirthi text png

Then we want to add a new photo of our new crush i.e. kirthi sheety in all the next beat marks.

Kirthi sheety images

Then you want to apply a shadow effect from the place where your photo is.

Shadow effect images

Then on that shadow effect you want to apply a png called kirthi.

Kirthi sheety text png

Then we want to go to the starting of the video and draw a border.

New color border png

Then you want to add shake effect to your photos. For that you have to download shake effects by clicking on the button below and copy the effect of the first photo you want to apply to all the photos. Have to take

Shake Effects 〽️

So brothers, if your video is ready, then you have to export your video by clicking on the export option above.

Thank you brothers.

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