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Why? Suddenly the stomach fills up with thirst; It rains so much to quench the great thirst of the earth, the well, the river, the sea.

Then when it rains, it will get heavier and heavier

Even so, my mind is getting heavier and heavier and I don’t understand anything

Trying to collect the drops in his mind, he kept looking at the threshold, towards the herons

Through the window; A little healthy and uncomfortable.

Those rain drops then fill me up for the rest of the year.

Yes, the first Holi in my memory still seemed as clear and orange as I had ever seen. At that time, our mother-in-law did not sit well.

One is our two or three storey house, the other is my friend’s house at the back of our balcony, a ratilal wheel and a garden in front of it. So many houses. Someone took me by the hand at that time and I had a biscuit in my hand.

In the middle of our building, up to the first floor, there were tall, dry trees. And my grandparents were worshiping them with flowers. Then, while walking around, my beautiful mother, dressed in a green saree, drank water and muttered something around the tree. It was as if she were already sprinkling water on God’s mantra so that they would not have the pain of burning later. Then, as the abdomen slowly grew, its burning sensation began to warm me, and I began to feel very high, with joy, and I began to sweep my limbs. I’m crying.

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