Alight motion shake effect

Hello friends welcome to all of you into a special Marathi DJ remix video editing blog.

In this lok where going to visit a special video which is going to viral on Instagram.

The full procedure of making this type of video I have mentioned in the blog you have to read all this blog and follow all the steps which I have mentioned in it.

First of all you need a software for making this type of video into your mobile phone.

Lyrical Effect

The name of the software is a lighter motion software if you don’t have the software you can download it by clicking on the following button.

In alight motion software you have to install beat mark project and shake effect project which I have provided you into our this blog.

Beat Mark

Alight motion shake effect

First you have to install beat mark into your Aletta motion software in this beat mark there is an audio song and some red lines we tomorrow which I have installed as the beat of our song.

You have to install your images into your bitmarck one by one, for adding image you have to go on the plus option on the right side of your allied motion software from where you can add your all images in your beat mark.

After adding all the images you have to add some effects to your images into your beat mark.

For making your work easy I have provided you I shake effect project.

You have to install this project into your relative motion software on the below button.

Shake Effect

From there you have to sleep the image and from effects of action you have to copy the effects into your keyboard and after this you have to paste this into your vidmate according to your work.

After this you need some effect some PNG aur giving awesome look to your video.

Alight motion shake effect download

I have provided all of these in a form of zip file you are to download this file and extract into your file manager then you can use all our PNG effects into your video.

All Materia;l

After all you had to expand your video by clicking on the spot option on the right side of alightmotion software.

If you have any problem for making this type of video you can directly on our YouTube channel.

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