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Alwar Sajni

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I do not assume so. Anyway. Mr. Can you send some copies of the quick biography of Sri Ramakrishna written by way of Majumdar to Chicago? There are many copies of this individual in Calcutta. Don’t overlook ‘fifty one, Dearborn Avenue (no longer Street), Chicago ‘or’ C / o Thomas Cook, Chicago ‘. It might be too overdue and difficult to get a letter from another deal with, because I am travelling and Chicago is my important middle. Even this simple thing did no longer come to the attention of our friends in Madras.

Give my limitless benefits to GG, Alasinga, Secretary and all others. I am continually praying for their welfare. I am now not angry with them in any respect, however I am upset with myself. It turned into at this point in my existence that I made the horrible mistake of relying on the assist of others, and I suffered the results. It’s my fault, not theirs. God bless the congregations in Madras. The human beings of Madras are an awful lot better than the Bengalis who are pure fools, who’ve no coronary heart, who’ve no strength at all. Anyway, Ram Ram! I have now thrown your boat into the ocean, whatever it can be. I absolutely don’t have the right to do what I said. You have helped me infinitely greater than I deserve. I need to enjoy the fruits of my hard work and now not even grumble at all. God bless you all.

I became deeply saddened to listen the news of Balarambabu’s spouse’s grief. God willing, this world is the land of karma. Not land; And as quickly as the work right here is over, every person will ought to return domestic. Some will go early, a few will move overdue, it’s all of the distinction fakir is long gone, God’s will!

It is a matter of superb pleasure that the delivery anniversary of Lord Ramakrishna became celebrated with exquisite fanfare. His name is as popular because it receives exposure, however it does have a cautionary tale. Great men are born with a precise message for the arena, they are no longer born for reputation; But the records of the arena tells us that the fans of these notable men put aside their teachings and fought for their call.

I don’t care if human beings consider in Sri Ramakrishna’s call or not, but I am prepared to devote my existence for the teachings he has given, his existence and the unfold of his teachings. What I fear most is the temple of your humans. The house of God isn’t a horrific thing in any respect, however some human beings have a herbal tendency to think of it as the essence of the vintage, useless, loopy factor. That’s what I’m frightened of. I recognize why they do it with such vintage rituals. They have a sturdy desire to paintings, but due to the fact they can’t find the proper manner, they spend all their strength on ringing the bell and doing whatever it takes. Alwar Sajni

Let me put a brand new idea in front of you presently. If you may without a doubt get it down, I might say you’ve got some use, you’re a guy. Get your paintings executed together. Some magic lanterns, maps, globes of the earth, a few chemical substances may be wanted. The next issue you need is a massive hut. It just so befell that you had to deliver a few negative people together. Then show them photos of astronomy, geography and so forth. And explain them and additionally give information about Sri Ramakrishna.

.Alwar Sajni

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