Anupama Editing

Anupama Editing

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I’m presently keeping in touch with every one of you. I’m not composing this to acquire expert for myself, however to your benefit, and for the satisfaction of the work which the Lord has embodied here; They shared every one of you with me. Despite the fact that a large number of you don’t know about this yet, you need to do extraordinary things to help the world. That is the fundamental justification for why I am keeping in touch with you. In case desire or self image fills in the brain of any of you, it will involve incredible distress.

Is it ever feasible for individuals who have not had the option to live respectively in congruity for quite a while to set up concordance on the planet? Acquiescence to the guidelines is without a doubt terrible, however in the juvenile decade it is important to adhere to the guidelines. All in all, as our Gurudeva used to say, a little plant needs a fence. The second is that when the brain is unfilled, it implies tattle, factionalism, etc. So I am sending the accompanying composed directions. Assuming you follow them, you will certainly flourish. Also, in case you don’t do this, then, at that point, all your persistent effort will be to no end.

First I expound on the cloister framework: 1. Lease an open house or nursery for a cloister where everybody can get a little discrete room. That house ought to have an enormous space for keeping books. There ought to be a little more modest space for him to converse with. If conceivable, there ought to be one more huge room in the house. General in that room There ought to be day by day plan of science studies and talks for the general population. 2. Assuming somebody comes to meet somebody in the religious community, he is bothering others and ought to return to meet the individual he needs to meet.

  1. Consistently, one ought to be available in the enormous space for individuals who come to meet somebody, with the goal that the people who come will find acceptable solutions to their inquiries.
  2. Everybody ought to consistently be in your room. Possibly go to another room in case there is an uncommon errand. Anybody can go to the book room and sit and read when they feel like it. Be that as it may, there ought to be severe limitations on conversing with one another.
  3. In a room where everybody would go through the entire day visiting, individuals from outside would come and participate in the talk – this ought to be kept off.
  4. Just the individuals who are strict should come there. What’s more, when you show up, remain in the assigned room. They ought to return to meet the individual they need. Furthermore, assuming they need to pose some broad inquiries, they should meet the individual relegated to the work that day and return when their work is finished.

  1. Everybody ought to be totally liberated from tattle, secret unsettling influences, criticism of others, fights.
  2. A storage room ought to be kept as an office. The overseer should remain in that room. There ought to be paper, couriers and other letter composing materials. Records ought to be kept by the agent. Every one of the letters should come to him first. He didn’t open the one he ought to have given him. Books and handouts ought to be shipped off the book room. 9. Whoever needs to reprimand something, squabbles and blows up

Provided that this is true, he ought to get it done beyond the cloister, as indicated by this standard, Anupama Editing

Race-wise infringement would have been new.

Anupama Editing

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