Anupama Full screen Video

Anupama Full screen Video

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Self-advancement starts with mind and finishes with experience.

Sees. Just on the strength of acumen would she be able to clarify. An individual who has lost his memory can’t recognize his family members while attempting to distinguish himself. He is then shown the photographs as proof in such manner. Photographs of his wedding are shown. Then, at that point, he is pushing ahead on the strength of acumen. In the photograph, we are the specific ones. There is a body very much like our own. Then, at that point, his acumen acknowledges it.

Be that as it may, regardless of whether the acumen concurs, something is inadequate. He likes you to feel as such. Then, at that point, he begins searching for such an encounter.

In such stories, one day the memory of the man returns and the man says, presently I know myself. Indeed, the story should begin from here. That man’s own pursuit should proceed. Him as well as his family. Yet, realizing himself is the finish, all things considered,

We should recuperate from such trickery. One ought to genuinely ask around oneself. Assuming you want insight to know yourself, you need to sort out some way to get that experience. The one who desires to realize reality will not have anything left to do. Will think about everything. If he comprehends something insignificant with regards to himself, he will attempt to know the entire picture by mulling over everything. He won’t live as indicated by the biases and convictions, all things considered, however will attempt to arrive at paradise by a string like a covert agent.

Who am I Why did you have this inquiry? I’m not my body. In case that were the situation, this inquiry would not have emerged. Your answer would have been found in the mirror. Yet, despite the fact that our body is our personality, we have this inquiry, as in we are most certainly not our body.

You’ve done a ton of peeping into individuals’ lives right up ’til the present time. Presently we should keep an eye on ourselves. What is another person doing, for what reason would he say he is doing it, how would it be a good idea for him to respond, what would it be a good idea for him to not do?

• Let’s beginning our own requests about the individuals who have questions about others. This strategy makes solid confidence. This stage comes gradually; Doubts should be settled. Since it’s as simple as that

In the event that you are the body, ‘Who am I? This inquiry would not have emerged. We never ponder why red will be red. Since red will be red, white, white. So why the inquiry emerges who am I? Which signifies ‘Who am I?’ This makes one wonder, as in you are not what you think you are.

Central mistake

You have committed a great deal of errors to date. We are committing errors again and again, in light of the fact that once one misstep is made, it is simpler to make another. One untruth powers ten bulls to lie. That is the manner by which it is. In the event that a crucial error is made the hard way, a progression of mix-ups is made. 33% of our life is spent resting. So one’s life expectancy will be 60 years and he needs to do one crore occupations. So he needs to accomplish that work in the excess 40 years subsequent to deducting 20 years of rest. Assuming you need to do one crore works, then, at that point, you are permitted to commit one crore errors by committing one error in each work. However, does man commit one crore errors? No. He is making no less than 200 to 500 crore botches. Since when an essential error is made, he continues to commit numerous errors. Then, at that point, he says. I have trespassed in a past life and that is the reason I have this condition. Presently how to fix the mix-ups of the past birth? His as a matter of first importance botch is to say that he did karma in a past life. He then, at that point, puts forth more errors in his attempts to recuperate.

I accomplished something, right or wrong, I blew up, correct? What sin have I been pardoned for doing this? He begins making such estimations. Worries about an extremely weighty concern of karma.

Assuming you become what you are, all deeds become ideals.

Anupama Full screen Video

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