Attitude Allu Arjun

Attitude Allu Arjun

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Try not to surrender, it’s finished. As instructed by Ramanuja, Chaitanya, and so on, attempt to restore the general public based on ‘uniformity of all and right of freedom for all’. Make you inexpressibly pleased with energy and spread it in each of the four headings. Work, work. Be a worker while driving. Be benevolent, and on the off chance that a companion begins defaming one more companion despite his good faith with you, never pay attention to him, show restraint until the end of time.

Certainly yours. Another thing to remember is that as the Americans say, don’t attempt to be a ‘chief’. I know no, however I must caution you.

We ought not have any sort of deception, double dealing and devilishness. Right up ’til today, I have depended on the main God, reality that sparkles like the sun. I don’t wish to pass on for distinction, for great as well as for great. Try not to try and contact the six fingers, the wrongdoing.

You don’t need to be mysterious, you don’t need to be cryptic – you don’t need to be clandestine. Nobody should guarantee that ‘I have the extraordinary beauty of the Guru’, not to mention that there ought to be no Guru among us. My bold youngsters, continue to push ahead, regardless of the cash, regardless individuals, consistently continue to push ahead. Is your heart spilling over with adoration? Do you have confidence in God? These are the things’ adequately that. Go on, nobody dares to stop you. They are distributing in their magazines that the Theosophists have prepared for me here, or Ray or Theosophist! This is an unmitigated untruth! The Theosophist will advance more straightforward! Wow goodness!

Continuously be cautious, stay away from whatever is false; Don’t leave reality under any conditions. So why not be late, however ensure the achievement is yours. You individuals begin working with the inclination that I am not. Work with the inclination that all work is on you alone. The following fifty centuries have been watching your work. The fate of India relies upon you. Get to work. It is obscure as of now what he will do subsequent to leaving the post. What a wide extent of work is spread here.

Individuals of India won’t just commendation you probably, however won’t take a taste for an undertaking. Where will Ante Bapade give it from? They, when all is said and done, are bums. In the last two-3,000 years, their capacity to carry out beneficial things in broad daylight has been totally obliterated. Thoughts like ‘country’, ‘everyday citizens’ and so on where they are currently adapting over again. So I don’t fault them.

You got the gramophone securely and you got the letter.

Attitude Allu Arjun

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