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I’ll stay away from it, poop! So I will keep these individuals fulfilled !! Sister! Try not to misunderstand me. You resemble a youngster and kids ought to consistently be prepared to learn. You have not yet tasted the wellspring of ‘the person who leaves rationale silly, everlasting to mortal, void to the world, and man to God’. In the event that conceivable, escape this snare of idiocy – the supposed world. Really at that time will I call you bold and autonomous. In case this isn’t going on to you, then, at that point, empower the people who dare to explode the shards of this bogus ‘God’ and stomp all over its awful pietism; If this doesn’t occur, kindly stay silent; But don’t attempt to trick them again by offering bogus guidance like ‘get along’, ‘be delicate, be delicate’.

Of this world, of this common dream, of this awful bad dream, of its places of love and efficient misdirection, of its sacred texts, of its untrustworthiness, of its delightful appearances and detestable hearts, of its outward pietism and empty heart, or more all, in its name. What! What the captives of this world call slaves should esteem my heart! Poo! Sister, you actually don’t have the foggiest idea what a recluse is. It is the guarantee of our Vedas that the austere is ‘Vedashirsha’, in light of the fact that he is totally liberated from the subjugation of spots of love and belief, religion and religion, sacred writings and other such things. Be it evangelists, or any other person, let them make as much commotion as they need, let them assault me however much they need; I am doing as my sibling says.

Called Bhartruhari. “O parsimonious, turn out well for you. Who will say who is this psycho? Who will say who is this Chandal? Who will know you as a sadhu?

No, he goes straight coming. “In any case, when these individuals assault, realize that a huge number of canines are woofing at the elephant going through the market, however he doesn’t focus on it. He goes straight coming. Additionally, when a Mahatma shows up. Many individuals are found yapping at him.

I’m 54 W. Living with Landsburg on 33rd Street. They are extremely forceful and liberal. God favor them. Sooner or later I go to Guernsey to rest. Beat With Photo

May God favor all of you and free you once again from this common bogus deception. Never let the deception of this common divination fall on you. May Lord Shankara help you. Uma, open the entryway of truth for yourself and dispose of every one of your deceptions.

Try not to fall into the snare of supposed social change, in light of the fact that there can be no change other than the principal otherworldly change. Did anybody let you know that I need social change? I never said that. Simply lecture God. Try not to absolute a word about dream or food. Try not to become annoyed, don’t lose confidence in your master, in God. Child, as long as these three things exist, you don’t have anything to fear. My solidarity is expanding step by step. My bold kids, presently abdomen.

Beat With Photo

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