Birthday Status Editing

Birthday Status Editing

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That’s how I used to behave. It is behaving the same way here. The Lord is going wherever He takes them, putting all the burden on God. Another thing is that I am not working with any resolution or plan in advance. I have to work continuously in this country. I don’t even have time to put your thoughts together in a book. I have to work so hard that I feel very weak.

You ‘G.G. Ne and my other old friends from Madras worked selflessly and hard for me. I don’t know what words to express my gratitude for that. But keep in mind that the purpose of what you people have done is not to shout my name, it is to make you aware of your own strength. My body is not an organization builder, I have a natural inclination towards study and meditation. I think I did a lot of work. Now I want to rest and teach a little to those whom my Guru will send to me.

You already know what you can do. Madras youth! In fact, you have done everything, I am just a name leader. Leaving everything behind, I am a hermit, I want only one thing. I do not believe in religion or God who does not wipe away the tears of widows or put food in the mouths of orphans. No matter how beautiful the principles of a religion may be, no matter how subtle and profound theories may be in it, but as long as it is confined to opinions and scriptures, I will not call it religion. The eyes are not behind you, they are in front of you so move forward and put into practice the teachings of the religion you are proud of as your religion – may God help you.

Don’t depend on me, learn to be self-reliant. General I am really happy that I was able to spread the word among the people. Move forward with the help of this source of enthusiasm. Leap into this excitement and move on with it. Everything will be fine.

“Vatsa! True love never fails. Say today, say tomorrow, say after hundreds of ages, Truth will triumph, Love will triumph. Do you have love for mankind? Where will you go to seek God! Aren’t the poor, the miserable, the weak your God?” Why don’t you worship them first? Why do you dig wells on the banks of the Ganges? Believe in the fact that love is omnipotent. Who cares about the petty purpose of getting a name? Is there a spring? Only then will you be omnipotent. Are you completely helpless? Then no force can stand in your way. Man is victorious everywhere by virtue of his character. Be a hero. May God bless you forever.

Everyone seems to want me to return to India. I think they think we can do a lot of work when I come. But friend! This is their misconception. The enthusiasm that is seen there (in India) these days is a bit patriotic – nothing can be deduced from it. If this enthusiasm is true and true, then in a short time hundreds of heroes will come forward and start working. Know that you have done everything, and keep working harder with this in mind. Don’t look me in the face .. Akshay Kumar is currently in London. From there he sent me a beautiful invitation to come as a guest of Miss Mरller. I will probably be going to London next January or February. Bhattacharya sent me back to India.

Birthday Status Editing

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