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Hello friends welcome to all of you in our new ganpati bappa video editing in our editing software.

The editing software which we have to used in this post is Kinemaster.

If you don’t have this software you can click on following button and download the Kinemaster Software.

Kinemaster is new and simplest software which can handle easily and work properly on any devices.

Kinemaster App

First you need some ganpati bappa images which are given in all material.

You have to add all images of Ganpati Bappa in our software in 9:16 ratio and difult duration is 3.5.

Then you have to add bookwarm effect to each (+) opetion betseen our image.

The you have to export our video.

After that you have to select same ratio i.e. 9:16 and add the video which we have export.

The on the vignnety opetio of the video and add the blur effect on our whole video with blur strength 5.

Then add the same video by going to layer opetio.

On that video you have the add some png add overlay effect.

All Material

This is the sequence of adding video, png and overlay.

Editing Software

Main Video from media opetio.
Blur effect from effect opetio.
Snow parties video from layer.
Main Video from layer opetio.
Light effect overlay from layer opetio.
Paper cut png from layer.
बाप्पा png from layer opetio.

This is the sequence of png and overlay adding.

Then you have to export our video from our Editing Software.

If you have any problems for making this type of video editing you can watch our full video on YouTube.

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