Editing software

Hello friends welcome to all of you in our new post in this post we have to learn about editing software which is name as Alightmotion.

This is new and Trending software which is now a days it’s mostly use software for video editing purposes.

If you don’t have this software you can click on the bellow button and download this software.

Alightmotion App

Beat Mark Project

Editing software
Beat mark meas the mark of beat in your song.

If we add our images as per the beat mark it gets awesome look to our video.

For this you have to listen you whole song and according to your song you have to add your beat mark.

For making your work easy a have given you a beat mark project of today song which reduces you time for making video.

You have to just click on the bellow button of beat mark and after that you have to click on Install button for installing of our beat mark in our software.

Beat Mark

Shak Effect Preset.

Editing software
After that you have to add some shake effect to our images.

Shake Effect is the effect that contains many effect on one effect.

If you get confused then don’t wory as like beat mark, I also provides a shek effect preset on the following button.

You just click on it and after that you have to install this effect in our software.

Shake Effect

All Material

Editing software

After all of this you have to need some images and png’s for giving awesome look of our video.

All of these I have provided you in the following button just click on the following button for downloading all images.

All Material

After this you have to click on the export opetion and save the video in our gallery.

If you have any problems for making this video you can watch our full video on YouTube.

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