fire wala status

fire wala status

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Shut your eyes and sit in a contemplation seat. 3.2 One should begin seeing one’s own considerations. What to see

Reflection of contemplations.

See what sort of musings are happening in the brain with no development of the body. They ought to be known thirdly (separated, without adhering to those considerations). In this reflection, thirdly, we need to separate and take a gander at the musings that are happening in the psyche. What various musings are happening on various subjects …. (proceeded


Musings ought to be seen and known by the observer sibling. No musings ought to be called positive or negative. Try not to choose whether to think or not. 3.5 Meditation should begin with five minutes and afterward leisurely.

Increment the time. At the point when you become capable in this contemplation

Begin numbering musings.

Thought Numbering Meditation

To become neglectful, begin reflecting by checking out each idea thirdly. We need to number each idea and continue on to becoming neglectful.

Presently begin numbering the musings as referenced previously. At the point when the main idea rings a bell, say one, when the subsequent comes, begin counting the contemplations like this.

Sit discreetly when no idea comes. In such a case, if an idea rings a bell that there is no idea in your psyche as of now, then, at that point, number this idea too. Since the possibility that there are no musings was likewise an idea.

Try not to pursue any considerations. He absolutely needs to be numbered and given up.

In this manner contemplation will diminish musings a ton. In some cases there will be a condition of complete obliviousness. Be that as it may, continue to ponder in such a state without expecting or needing any natural product.

Falcon Meditation

The falcon is a bird we as a whole know. The ruler of birds, flying from an extraordinary stature, has such a sharp eye that even from such a tallness, he can obviously see a snake creeping on the ground or a bunny running. Similarly, we need to do this contemplation with our eyes open. That is the reason it is called Garuda Dhyana. Keep your eyes open and ask yourself the number of red things there are.

Are around you. 5.2 After getting up in the first part of the day, perceive the number of red articles are headed to the washbasin. Something like five red articles around

Discover. 5.3 Decide to see diverse shaded items consistently. For instance, green on the subsequent day, blue on the third day, and orange on the fourth day.

In this manner you will begin to know it all in the house. You don’t know about the things you keep in your home. Since our vision is shut. This reflection will expand your force of perception.

There will be a few spots in the house where you never get taken note. However, after this contemplation you will be stunned. You will begin to see. Assuming you at any point need to track down a pink tone, you will not find pink things at any point in the near future. Exactly the same thing will occur with blue. Be that as it may, when you do the entire house cautiously

At the point when you notice, you will start to find from a genuine perspective. 5.5 Now you express what following nine days? Since the tones are nine. Albeit the shadings are just nine, their shades are unique.

fire wala status

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