Hath Naka Lau

Hath Naka Lau

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This is the delicateness of the flows. We can do everything, and obviously we will do all that will be fortunate. With chivalrous fortitude, a ‘decent man’ has told me, “You have a great deal of names currently, return home at this point. He would have been known as a man. Following ten years of involvement, I have taken in a lot of intelligence. I’m as of now not open enough to be misled by the simple tossing of words. It is adequately substantial to cover 1,000,000 individuals alone, and in time the force of 2,000,000 individuals will come to me.

I can’t say without a doubt when I will get back to India. Here I am living like a migrant, even there I need to carry on with a traveling life. In any case, here I am living in the organization of researchers, there I need to live in the get-together of idiots – that is the contrast between the two posts. Individuals of this nation structure and work in associations, however the work we embrace is because of our sluggishness – this is the thing that we erroneously call ‘Vairagya’. What’s more, envy gets dusty. Harmohan regularly keeps in touch with me long letters, however the greater part of them don’t fit me well. Obviously, this is my favorable luck! The vast majority of the news that comes out is of the accompanying nature – in specific places specific individuals were criticizing me, they couldn’t bear it, both of them got into a contention, et cetera. Thank you kindly for your help. Be that as it may, I don’t care to hear what certain individuals say about me, on the grounds that ‘Svalpashch kalo bahvashch vighna:’ Yesterday is a bit, however there are numerous hindrances.

In all actuality we really want an efficient association. Shashi should take care of all the family courses of action, illegal tax avoidance and shopping Sanyal should focus and correspondence and so forth ought to be finished by Sharad. Construct an extremely durable focus that doesn’t check out in the current muddled manner. Does my guide come toward your consideration or not? I have this heap of papers, presently I need you to accomplish something. Assuming you can build up a cloister, I will say that you are a saint, in any case your worth is nothing. At the point when you work, you ought to likewise counsel the gatherings in Madras. Their capacity to work is gigantic. Commend the current year’s introduction to the world commemoration of Sri Ramakrishna so that it should feel uncommon. The more limited the supper plan, the better. That’s the last straw.

I will compose a short memoir of Sri Ramakrishna in English, I will send it to you. Make an interpretation of it into Bengali and print it and sell it at celebrations – books that are appropriated free of charge are not perused by individuals. Save an ostensible cost for the book. Commend the celebration noisily.

You really want more than karma to prevail in associate business. In any town or town you visit, in case you find a congregation that regards Sri Ramakrishna, set up an association there right away. You have come through such countless towns, is it to no end? Hari-sabha and other comparative associations ought to be continuously assimilated. At any rate, what else would i be able to tell you? How much better it would have been on the off chance that I had observed another beast like me! God will give me everything at the perfect opportunity …. In the event that somebody has some strength, he should communicate it through activity. Dispose of your thoughts of freedom now! “Paropakaraya hello there satan jivitam, pararthe prajna utsrujet.” The main way is for a man of honor to live for other people and to forfeit for others with insight


Presently the remainder of the world. I’m mine provided that I do great to you.

Hath Naka Lau

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