hello beat mark

hello beat mark

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Pope Pius XII is an intriguing subject, particularly during his papacy, during WWII. His activities can be seen as having possibly numerous implications. We even need to venture into the extraordinary, or incredible cognizance of the pope, and the human state of the occasions. His life during this short time frame can be seen figurative, as he opposes the Nazi occupation in his own specific manner, not the manner in which we may have done it but rather as he would prefer.

At a certain point he sees, at last sees, he has no control, and passing, maybe silly for the spectator beyond the Vatican, silly, however for the living under the Nazi system, unavoidable. Italy and Germany were in a like way, stepbrothers, from a certain point of view (and the Vatican was at the edge of their frame of reference): For Pope Pius XII, the philosophical of the ridiculous was occurring. He sees a system who can and will, and is eliminating voluntarily, detachedly killing the entire of humankind that hinders its, in spite of the fact that there are exemptions, yet few. The Jew per close to a total massacre, the Catholics took their portion of difficulties additionally, individually, murder was the situation, or condemned to jail, denounced.

I’m trapped in the middle of a trans-layered vortex, conveyed by a gravitational wave ((GW) (as though inside the wave’s pocket)), inside a half circle vessel, trapped in the draw of the wave at the speed of light. I won’t ever age at this speed, and presently the wave just passed Earth, I dread I will be headed to the furthest limit of the universe, what end is impossible to say. Who’s to say, perchance this was the very wave that made the Big Bang, later matter and antimatter impacted, making it 14.5 billion years of age.

Or then again maybe it is some wave that was made a billion years prior from some cosmic explosion, or two dark openings with their repulsive gravitational draw, diving into each other, and making a monster impact. Yet, here I am no different either way. Apparently I was snoozing an extended period of time, maybe this vessel was pulled off its course, while heading to Earth from Mars, such as grabbing a drifter off a thruway, at maximum speed; consequently my vessel appended with the GW, in what one may allude to as supernatural, or dazzling space. Presently lost in its supernal domain, for how long, nobody knows!

hello beat mark

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