How to make attitude status editing, Attitude Status Editing

Hello brothers, welcome to your new and tough post.

Step 1

Brothers, today’s video is really very hard and cool. You made this video in VN App and this video is full How to make attitude status editing and it uses Attitude Text Png and whatever shake effect you have in vn app you put on your png. If you do not have a VN App, you can download the app by clicking on the button below.

Step 2

After opening the app, you have to click on the + opetion of your + and then click on the new project and then go to the opetion of photos. Want to take.

Step 3

So at this point your video is ready to pass. Attitude Status Editing All you have to do is go to the audio option and add the song I have given. You can download the MP3 song link by clicking on the button below. You want to add your beat, click on your op option, mark it and double click on the right button below.

Step 4

Then you want to adjust the duration of your png, go to your first beat mark, click on split option, delete the next part. I want to apply the effect and then select the png of the pud and apply the effect of landing spin to that png and again I want to apply the effect of spin narrow to the next png and apply the effect of Narrow Selection to the next png and which I want to apply your black effect to the photo that is your photo.

Step 5

When all the effects are applied, you want to apply the duration of fx to the full photo and after all this, go to your photo’s / video’s opetion and apply the particle effect and click on the fill screen opetion below and go to blending opetion. You have to do it in the screen and then go to the same option and add your logo and adjust the logo correctly.

Step 6

So, if your video is 100% complete at this point, you want to export your video by clicking on the Export option at the top and save your video in the gallery by clicking on the Save to albums option below.

If you are having any problem while doing video, you can watch the video on YouTube and follow the steps.

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