How To Make Instagram Trending Alight Motion Status Editing.

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Brothers, today’s video has become very explosive. We have made today’s video in Alightmotion App and this video is How To Make Instagram Trending Alight Motion Status Editing. I uploaded a community post on youtube a few days ago and there were some votes for attitude status video tutorial. If you do not have Alightmotion app, you can download Alightmotion app by clicking on the button below.


So brothers, first of all we want to install the beat mark project. Brothers, your song will also come automatically in this beat mark. You are given 4 beat marks in it. You want to adjust the text png according to the song. Beat mark project you will find on the button below.


I have given you some dialogs on the following button. You want to adjust the png according to the song. The following file is given in zip format. You want to download and extract that file. I want to take a photo on any photo.

Step 4

In this step, you want to select the photo from your last beat mark, go to your effect and apply the blink effect and increase the quality completely. Then we want to come to the point where our first photo is again and play a video with particles and fill the video with screen and blend it.


So at this point 50% of your video is ready then you want to install your shake effects and copy the effect of the first png and go to your beat mark which you have put two text pngs in the first two beat marks they have pasted this effect I want to do this and then go back to the shake effect and copy the effect of my photo and go to the beat mark project and apply this effect only to the first photo which is the photo that you applied the blink effect to. Is.


So this is your last method to get an overlay effect at the beginning and blend this video into the screen and place the overlay effect on the place where you put your photo and remove the extra part. Is. Then we would take a video of one of your fire particles at the place where you put your photo and fill it in the blending screen. This video is given to you in zip file.


At this point, your video is fully ready. You have to go to + and add your logo to extend the duration and export your Attitude Status Editing video.

If you have any problems in video making you can also watch our full tutorial on our youtube channel.

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