how to use New kinemaster Software

Kinemaster Is very good Software for Video Editing.

Hello brothers, today’s video is really cool and this video is on a trendy

opic. If you want to make a video like this, you have to read this post to the end and follow the steps I have mentioned.

kinemaster app

First of all you have to open your kinemaster software and by clicking on the + opetion of + three no. We want to select the ratio of Then you have to go to the opetion of your baground and add a black baground and keep its duration up to 20sec. After all this is done, you want to download audio by clicking on your audio option. You can download the audio by clicking on the button below.

Mp3 Song

Then you have to go to the layer option of your kinemaster software and select the text option and you want to keep its duration till the place where the song starts playing. Then we have to type September 10 in this text. You want to split your text where the clap sound is coming from and you want to drop it in the animation.

The next text part that is left is to cut it into small pieces with the help of split option and select all the part and change its date. Then you have to go to the setting of Kinemaster Software and click on the fill screen option and put the default duration of photo clip at 4. After this, we want to come to the beginning and add Ganpati Bappa’s photo in the video editing software. You can download all the photos by clicking on the button below.

गणपती बाप्पा Images

After adding 5 to 7 photos, you want to apply the zoom effect by clicking on the + opetion in the middle of your photo. You can download this effect by clicking on the opetion of get more.

Then you want to go to the place where you put your photo and apply a shadow effect and you want to apply a png on it and keep the duration of both of them till the end.

PNG Download

After all this is done, we want to go to the layer and add two videos and do this double blending in the screen. For this, you will get the blending option on the right side in kinemaster software.

Effect Video

Then you can export our video by clicking on export option. If you have any questions or queries you can watch our video on YouTube.

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