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Pictures, shapes that will come, insights that will come openly in the psyche. Furthermore sooner or later she felt total haziness, something she had never experienced. Clear dimness, imageless, brave, sorrowless haziness. She had such countless dreams, bad dreams to reach. What’s more maybe the obscurity had been concealing somewhere near my eyes for such countless days.

She recalled God at that time. I needed to converse with him uninhibitedly.

She covered her face firmly with the fingers of two hands. She understood that God is top notch and that it is so hard for her to have a lovely shape –

Gradually her eyes started to get weighty with water as she got extremely drained.

When she understood the reason why there was such a lot of distress in her life, she quickly understood that every one of the implications of bliss and distress, good and bad, are enlightened simply by the bit of relativity.

Then, at that point, she got up. Taking a spotless bosch, prepared and left. The last not many

Briefly, she appeared to have grown up.

I was contemplating life. Truth be told, she needed to communicate with life on an altogether different level. These days, however much she was keeping her liquid psyche, she was starting to understand that the fluid brain doesn’t get scratched, yet shakes at the base. That is to say, regardless of whether there is a solid breeze, the shades of the butterfly fly away from the wings, and that is more horrible than breaking the wings, and comparably narrow minded.

She started to inspect herself.

A couple of unfortunate occasions can shake your confidence throughout everyday life, and the more deeply you go, the more shallow it becomes. Disappointment, anguish, and such are the main sources of austerity, however we don’t understand how much power there is in doing as such. She had no clue about how long she had been strolling. Around.

kdkk dialog

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