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Received a letter from G. G. Unfortunately, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. Otherwise, he would have written his Kannada address in more legible letters at the top of his letter. Also, it would be a mistake to send me a letter to any address other than Chicago. Of course I made a mistake in the beginning, I should have noticed the subtle intellect of my friends! They have started sending letters to the address that will appear on my letter. Tell your Madrasi Jupiter that before their letter arrives, I may have been a thousand miles away from the address they wrote, they already knew it, because, I am traveling the same. I have a friend in Chicago whose home is my main center.


There is almost no hope of spreading my work in this place. What is the reason for this? – Because it was very likely to spread, but the following things have lost hope of its spread. I get news about India only from letters coming from Madras. You often write in your letter that I am very much appreciated in India. But this is just a private matter between you and me, because I have not seen anything published about me in any newspaper in India except for the three square inch scraps sent by Alasinga. On the contrary, all the Christian missionaries in India are regularly collecting and publishing what they say. Not only that, they go from house to house, trying to get my friends to leave me. Their purpose has been very successful, because someone from India is on my side Words don’t even draw.

Hindu newspapers in India may have praised me, but not a single word of it has ever reached America. So a lot of people in this country think I’m a cheater. The missionaries here are following me, and again the Hindus are jealous of them and are helping them. In that case, I can’t answer them. I now feel that it was foolish of me to attend the All Religions Council because of the insistence of some kids in Madras. She was just gone. Of course I’m grateful to them, but they’re just enthusiastic young people with no ability to actually work in their place at all. I came here without any credentials. So how can I prove that I am not a cheater in response to what the missionaries and the Brahmo community are doing against me? I thought it was very easy to spend a few words on the birds of India. To convene a meeting of some good congregations in Madras and Calcutta, to pass a resolution at this meeting thanking the American people for their kindness to me, and to send a copy to the United States through the proceedings of these meetings. I thought it would be very easy to send them to the Barrows and ask them to publish it in a recent newspaper, and also to send the resolution to the newspapers in Boston, New York and Chicago. Now it seems to me that it is very difficult for the birds of India to do so much. Throughout the year no one from India has uttered a single word on my behalf and here everyone is against me. No matter how well you talk about me in your home, how will people around you know? It had been more than two months since I had written to Alasinga about this. He did not even reply to my letter. I think his enthusiasm has cooled down now. So I say first think about this and then show this letter to the congregations in Madras. Besides, my Gurubandhu.

Kinemaster new editing

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