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were days a long time back. Around then, the earth was occupied by crude individuals. Some place on earth there was a great developing woods. ‘Siza’ is the name of that timberland. It is named after the group of crude people who lived there.

The language of every one of them was for the most part eye and facial developments and a little snorting, signals. The herd comprised of a couple of men, many spouses, and numerous youngsters.

For the duration of the day, the men would disperse the snails in different profound ways and chase, while the ladies would be occupied with the matter of saving the meat of the trackers, making skins, and so forth.

The remainder of the children would go through the entire day sniffing the sweet tubers and products of Siza. At times all together and here and there alone.

One of the little ones was Siza’s top pick. Duga is his name. Dugachi and Siza had an exceptionally dear fellowship. Siza would be tickled by the duga kicks he got while pursuing the butterflies and he grinned and said best of luck to Duga’s body.

kinhg master

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