Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out Head and Shoulders From the Crowd

Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out Head and Shoulders From the Crowd

Lately, I’ve been getting masses of email advertising questions from human beings. And these days I figured I’d soar on my excessive horse and gallop on over to the computer to reply a few of them.


How long need to my emails be?

In my humble opinion, emails have to be like a woman’s skirt: Short sufficient to get your interest but lengthy enough to cowl the details. So I shoot for 350-500 words.

BUT… Lengthy ones can paintings like gangbusters, too. While again, I wrote a really long e mail approximately some folks who tried to indoctrinate me into their weirdo cult.

And you realize what?

Even though there has been simplest one hyperlink (on the very backside)… And had not anything to do with copywriting… It offered extra of my copywriting books than most of the shorter ones. Interesting, eh?

How do you respond to irritated and nasty emails?

When the nitwits come a-knocking, do those things:


  1. Delete ’em.
  2. Realize they’re losers — with a capital “L”.

They’re much like the two old men in the balcony in The Muppets — constantly heckling all people and spouting insults.

But you realize what?

The farty old balcony muppets are as a minimum humorous. The e-mail hecklers are simply pathetic.

How regularly need to I ship emails?

I can’t communicate for everybody else, however right here’s how it is long past for me so far:

The extra emails I send, the bigger and quicker my list grows… The greater new copywriting patron inquiries I get… The extra people buy my merchandise… And many others.

But you have to recognize what you are doing.

There’s an art and technology to e mail. And like every art… The extra you practice, the better you come to be. And like several science… The greater you measure and test, the greater predictable your consequences.

How can I write riveting e mail replica?

Write such as you speak — warts and all. Unfortunately, most marketers write dry, dull and (worst of all) “intellectual” emails. Always seeking to sound knowledgeable and “professional.”

Bah! Screw all that.

Have FUN with electronic mail.

Loosen up, and don’t worry about offending the snobs, elitists and “PC police”.

Trust me, most people would MUCH as a substitute hold with a ordinary character than a few stuffy intellectual who makes use of a $5 phrase when a 5 cent word receives the activity carried out. Wouldn’t you?

Anyway, electronic mail is a VERY cool aspect.

And if you recognize the way to wield it — like an ancient samurai warrior wielding a katana blade — you’ll slice proper via your opposition and make out like a bandit.

In truth, eventually it’ll be like you are the ONLY one people study. Because frankly, you WILL be the only one human beings read.

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