Mari Attitude 2

Mari Attitude 2

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How does the subsequent advance work?

As youngsters create, their jargon likewise increments. At the point when the initial step is finished, the youngster begins posing the subsequent inquiry. ‘How can it work?’, ‘How can it work?’ The youngster poses such inquiries to any individual who sees them. ‘How did this occur?’. How can it function? ‘ These inquiries are about the kid. How do toys run? How does a recording device work? How does the train run? How does the cylinder touch off? How does a tree develop? Posing at least one inquiries like ‘How?’ Children find the solution to this inquiry. These days kids are starting to know these things early. They can deal with everything from mobiles to PCs.

Stage 3: Why is this so?

The third step is a vital stage. Is there an inquiry at this stage? This progression can be extremely unpleasant for guardians. ‘Why would that be?’ And ‘Why ?? Guardians are regularly befuddled on the grounds that they don’t have the foggiest idea about the responses to these inquiries. In case there is information on somebody’s demise, the kid will ask, ‘For what reason did he pass on?’ As you said I was wiped out. Then, at that point, the inquiry will return once more, however for what reason did he kick the bucket? ‘ Now it is hard to say why he kicked the bucket. Then, at that point, the guardians with an unfortunate face say, ‘Why? Why? What are you inquiring? ‘ Don’t inquire as to why the inquiry returns to respond to this? ‘ ‘Why?’ It is significant for him to find a solution to this inquiry.

Stage 4 – I know it all

I know why the subsequent stage comes straightaway. He presently has many ‘why’ replies. He has prepared responses to every one of the inquiries. For what reason does this occur? For what reason was that Why is that And what is this? Since the kid has been finding solutions to all such inquiries till now, he starts to see himself as savvy. The sensation of ‘I know everything’ stirs in him.

Stage Five I don’t have the foggiest idea

Presently it happens that subsequent to paying attention to some talk, some new things precede him. He figures, ‘Hello, I didn’t realize that. Now, another thing he understands is that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. He thinks I thought I knew it all. Yet, I don’t know a lot. ‘ Your own obliviousness is noticeable. This progression is extremely propitious. It is on this progression that the information on obliviousness comes. Also, the information on obliviousness is the main information.

Stage Six I am in kindergarten

Then, at that point, comes the 6th step. The appropriate responses are gotten by acquiring information. He has a ton of data about karma, fate, paradise, heck, subjugation and freedom. All things being equal, he is disappointed. It is in this express that the Mars want to realize a definitive truth stirs to him. The appropriate responses we have up until now, the information we have is General Knowledge or General Knowledge (GK). GK is it might be said ‘KG’. That is, on the way of information, he knew whether we were in kindergarten or KG. This progression gives somewhat more information. I don’t have the foggiest idea, he realizes that we are as yet in kindergarten similarly as he knew about his own obliviousness at this progression. Every one of the appropriate responses he has gotten so far have been right at the kindergarten level. Yet, presently he realized that a definitive truth, a definitive information, is unique. Last reply, Mari Attitude 2.

Stage 7-I need to know

This progression is to stir the longing to know. It is at this progression that the hunger for information on a definitive truth starts. It was at this progression that he was changed into a searcher of truth. That hankering stirs in him many great wishes. I don’t have the foggiest idea, or I don’t have a clue.

Mari Attitude 2

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