Marry Attitude Video part

Marry Attitude Video part

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Alone, be separated from everyone else. The people who are desolate, alone, never battle with others, they never disturbed others, since they never get vexed as a result of others.” She is my torn garments, she is my wound head, she is sleeping soundly and that mikshatra! Hello! My life is yearning for this. However loaded with issues, India is where the spirit can achieve freedom, fulfillment of God. This eye-popping magnificence of the West is missing, just the servitude of the spirit. I have never felt the void of the world so strongly. May God break the obligations of all, may all emerge from this sorcery, this is the person who is continually imploring.

I just accepted your wonderful letter. Being compelled to buckle down is regularly the best device, so it doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that you don’t get the your rewards for so much hard work. Glad to peruse your remark, no real excuse to feel awful. Parva Ku. I had a warmed contention with a Presbyterian respectable man at Therby, and the man got extremely upset, furious, and oppressive. However at that point Mrs. Bull reproved me a great deal, since what she believes is the main thing that impedes my work. Appears as though your viewpoint ought to be something similar.

Since I am pondering this these days, you have expounded a great deal on it. Interestingly, of these things to me It doesn’t hurt by any stretch of the imagination. It is normal for you to feel overpowered subsequent to understanding this. I’m completely mindful of the fact that it is so attractive to be a honeymooner as far as common addition. I make an honest effort to talk and act pleasantly, however when this makes an awful disaster leave the internal truth, I give leave to act like this.

I don’t trust in such considerate conduct. I accept that it is the obligation of the everyday person to submit to the orders of our social ‘God’ based on correspondence. In any case, the individuals who are ‘children of Jyotirmaya’ never do that. This is a timeless law. An individual adjusts to the climate around him, to social suppositions, and accomplishes his desires from a general public that gives him all that he needs. Yet, the man in the inferior is desolate, remaining solitary, and he is pulling the general public towards him. The way of the person who coexists with the general public is covered with delicate blossoms, while the way of the person who never considers coexisting with the general public is prickly. However, individuals who love such individuals before long die, while individuals who follow the reality of the situation are undying.

I would contrast reality and a substance that is endlessly incredible and destructive. Any place this substance falls, it touches off and occupies room for itself. Assuming it falls on a delicate article, the burning beginnings promptly and in case it falls on a hard item like stone, it sets aside some effort for the burning to begin yet it is sure that it will touch off. The standard is the standard, it can’t be changed. Sister, I am truly grieved that I disagree with each horrendous falsehood that comes before me. It’s been a long period of difficult work, however I actually don’t get it. I don’t have the foggiest idea. Finally I have quit any pretense of attempting to do as such. The greatness of God is unfathomable.

Marry Attitude Video part

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