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On the right half of the steps was Ganpati’s room. It had an image of a man sitting on a pony, engraved on a leaf. He generally smelled turmeric with an alternate smell; Besanladu tone. She was called Aji Bhandara.

I don’t have a clue why she said that. So God saw that I needed to eat gram flour. My mom would not come when the fragrant gram flour resembled my grandma.

Mamakad had a fork to eliminate Ganapati’s appendages from the shape. He would consistently see me, grin with his tongue between his teeth and cause a commotion. I once asked him which school you go to, and he replied, “Drink school.” When I told Mama his reply, Mama grinned and said that he goes to class for drinking. I was interested. Be that as it may, is there actually a school for how to drink liquor?

He used to spit at the distance between two fingers. I used to have loads of fun. I additionally attempted to spit so my spit fell on my fingers. He once showed me how to spit a good ways off. Also he was saying that there ought to be a sound like that. He once showed me how to eliminate a hand from a form, yet subsequent to eliminating the hand appropriately, I didn’t know which of the four hands of Ganpati, left, right, back and front.

At the point when I got exhausted in Ganapati’s room, I sat by the back window. Then, at that point, I continued checking out the hens looking down in the mud, the day canines sniffing something. A brief distance to one side is a white well. That all around was constantly loaded up with ladies.

mp3 music

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