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Mummy Status

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Take up greater area. In the start, even a easy dust house will paintings. Gradually I will build a beautiful house there. Don’t worry about it. The primary cause of malaria is infected water. Why don’t you create two or three filters? If it is boiled first after which filtered, all the impurities inside the water are removed. . Two of the Pasteur Company which might be blanketed from germs.

Buy a bigger filter. Use the identical water for cooking and consuming,

Look, the call of malaria will now not be heard again …. Go beforehand.

Go beforehand! Work, work, paintings. This is just the start.

Do you observed there are any religions left in India now? The direction of know-how, the route of devotion, the route of yoga all came to an give up. The best factor left is the ‘do not contact me’ argument. ‘Don’t contact me’, ‘Don’t touch me! The essence of the sector is ugly; I am the simplest one on this international who’s pure and holy! This is our theology! Hey men! Oh my god Nowadays Brahman does not stay in the coronary heart cave, it isn’t in Vaikuntha, it isn’t in all ghosts, it’s far most effective inside the paddy field. In the past, the sign of generosity was to meet anyone in Tribhuvan together with his loving provider – ‘Tribhuvanmupkarashrenibhi: Priyamanah.’ But nowadays it’s far’ The entire world is unpleasant, holy simplest I am! So move and keep the cash and pour it at my ft! Does anybody fee religion?

Does everybody pay a penny for a scholarship? Say, come returned domestic! Where is the residence …. I will write and send a individual of Sri Ramakrishna. By translating it

Print it and promote it. Feeling we have ‘Run out of fuel’ emotionally. … I do not care approximately devotion or liberation. Instead, ‘Vasantvallokahitam Charantah’ – ‘pursuing the hobbies of the people like Vasant Ritu with out making a fuss’, I will spend time, even though I ought to visit hell, I will take it, that is my faith. I don’t need to have whatever to do with lazy, ruthless, cruel and selfish human beings. Only folks that are fortunate can make contributions to this amazing work.

Say my pleasant needs to all, I look forward to all and sundry’s help. No cash, no fame, no scholarship. Pure man or woman is the simplest component which can triumph over even the worst of crises. Keep this in mind.

Many benefits! Evanna, you need to have received my in advance letter. Although I every now and then write harsh letters, I am sure that it’s going to now not provoke you human beings. You recognise how tons I love you all.

You have regularly expressed a preference to recognize all the details of in which I am going, what I am doing, and a precis of my lectures. In this situation, in a nutshell, in India.

Mummy Status

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