Neee trended editing

Neee trended editing.

Sociology is a branch of knowledge that provides a comprehensive knowledge of human social life and society. Sociology is different in many respects from other social sciences. To understand the nature of sociology, it is necessary to look at the following points.

Sociology is an empirical science. In sociology, the study and analysis of social facts is done with the help of scientific method. This scripture is not based on mere philosophical thoughts. So the rules are laid down in sociology through scientific processes like observation, experiment, test. Empiricism is considered to be a major feature of sociology.

According to this conceptual view, human knowledge can be achieved only on the basis of experience, according to empiricism, knowledge is based on the actual experience of the researcher.

Sociology is a theoretical and applied science: the formation and development of sociological theory is very systematic. The process of examining old theories and creating new ones is ongoing. Sociology used to be known as a purely theoretical science, but now sociology is no longer just a theoretical science.

The various branches of sociology are based on the application of these social sciences and they are of great use in the society. Sociology is pure science. It is also an applied science.

Sociology is a science based on facts. The purpose of sociology is to find out the true facts of society. It is studied as it happens in society. Sociology considers what is in a society rather than what it should be. For example, sociology is the study of organizational and disintegrating elements of society. Ethical-immoral factors are also studied.

Sociology is a holistic science. Sociology studies the whole of society. It not only studies a specific section of the society but also all aspects of social life.

Rise and Scope of Sociology 1.2.1 Rise of Sociology

To understand the process of the emergence of sociology, it is important for us to know the relationship between society and the thought of that period. There is a connection between the social conditions of each epoch and the thoughts that arise in it, and it has an effect on that epoch. They also have coherence.

The origins of the ideas or thoughts that early sociologists traced back to the social conditions in Europe. J. due to the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution in Europe.

Neee trended editing

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