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In this state he just turns into an observer. The observer is the diviner. Aghran without meddling anyplace. In case you were sitting in a room, you would see everything, fans, seats, tables, and so on In the event that somebody asked you for what good reason you are taking a gander at this, what might you reply? Normally you would say that. So what do we do I am staying here and I see this large number of things here as I see them, similarly there is a room inside you.

There is such a great amount to see. However, in case you don’t know about the specialty of seeing it, how might you see it? If you become mindful of that craftsmanship, you will get exhausted of seeing things outside. You will say, ‘It’s an excess of now. Got exhausted Let’s head inside. If you realize that spot, would you be able to go there? In any case how to go? Partake in the rest of the world since you have no clue about ​​the inward world yet.

On the off chance that you dispose of the body, you will realize that there is a ton inside. Your psyche will continue to run there. When you go there for an excursion, you will want to go over and over. The rest of the world should see; But you will understand that there is considerably more significant than that. It is inside you. Then, at that point, your internal excursion will start. In this express ‘oneself’ becomes confined. Becomes disidentified.New editing


This subsequent stage is to escape the internal room. To be communicated from the inside. There are just two phases after the withdrew body is freed. Either experience it or articulation. If we inform you concerning the last stage toward the start, it will be outside your ability to understand. Since we have no clue about what our identity is. It is obscure right now what he will do subsequent to leaving the post.

I couldn’t say whether the existence I see is that of a natural body. I have no clue about that life reaches out past this. Assuming we consider this large number of things together, the genuine arrangement, the heavenly arrangement will be figured it out. Any other way nothing will be known. In case the man’s perspective is too little He stalls out in the existence of the natural body. He believes the passing of the body to be the end. It is a condition where the child is in the mother’s belly. Then, at that point, it is the second phase of going to the rest of the world, the third phase of becoming youthful, the fourth phase of transitioning. Likewise the inconspicuous body is the fifth stage solely after death. These are simply organizes. They are changing and each stage has its own importance. In each stage something is being mastered, being instructed. The consolidated thought about this large number of discernments paints an entire picture before us. Every one of the codes are delivered without a moment’s delay. New editing

This is a game in progress, there are a ton of things that are perceived to be green. In any case numerous adventurers are at first bewildered. They ask, ‘Who am I?’ If you let him know that you are the person who is posing this inquiry, he will imagine that he is being derided. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea, ‘Who am I?’ This inquiry isn’t posed by the body. The body knows what it’s identity is. Your psyche won’t pose this inquiry. Indeed, even your insight won’t ask that. Since everybody knows what their identity is. In any case, there is another presence other than this. They need to play the game … Who am I? ‘I’m neither body nor acumen, nor mind, so who am I ??

New editing

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