New Software Video Editing

Hello brothers welcome to our new and interesting video editing post.

In this video I will teach you a new and interesting video which is going to Trending.

For making this type of video you need a software named as Alightmotion, if you don’t have this software you can download it by clicking on the bellow button.

Alightmotion app

How To Make Video ?

New Software Video Editing

Pixellab App

For making this type of video you need a song you can download my song (the audio which I used in my video) by clicking on the bellow button.

Not only the song is needed you need some images png and much more.

I give you all of this in the zip file format you can download it by clicking on the bellow button and after downloading this zip file you have to extract the file, then you can use all the images and overlay effect which I give you.

Mp3 Song

Process for making videos.

New Software Video Editing

First you have to select the ratio in your Alightmotion software.

Then you have to add a paper image and on that paper image you have to add your image and adjust it.

All Material

Add the music player PNG on that paper image and adjust it properly.

After that add a small circle size shape and adjust on the music player png by using key opetion in Alightmotion software.

Then add the overlay effect video on your image and adjust it properly after adjusting the overlay effect change it’s blending to screen.

Here our video is completely ready so you have to click on export opetion and save our video in our gallery.

New Software Video Editing

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