New Software video editing

Welcome to all of you in our new and bang post.

So this new Software video editing is very easy, you need to follow all the instructions given below.

Hruta Images

First you have to install Cap Cut software and Alightmotion software. By clicking on bellow button you can download Alightmotion software.

Alightmotion App

First go to the account of celebrity on instagra and click a long screenshot of their post’s.

Then open the Alightmotion Software and select the 4:5 ratio and add the long screenshot after adding this long screenshot you need to adjust the screenshot. First select the screenshot and put the end on starting and top of screenshot on the ending of the video.

After adjusting the screenshot add a shape and go in colour fill opetion and select black colour after that adjust the opecity of blakc baground to 80% and add the text png and give some effect to it.

The export the video by clicking the export opetion on the top of our software at the right side of our mobile.

Then you have to connect your mobile with VPN you can use any type of VPN. You will get is simply on playstore.

Now you have to open the Cap Cut software and add the video which wich export from the Alightmotion Software then add all Images from our gallery by selecting on the (+) opetion on the right side of our software on your mobile phone.

Overllay Effect

Reduc the duration of our all images by 3sec to 1sec add add tha audio dy clicking on audio opetion. You can download the audio by clicking on bellow button.

You need to add some animation to our images for this you need to select the photo and go to animation and after that combo opetion and add the effect form pendulum 1 to forward one by one to our all images.

Png Effect

After all of these go to the overlay opetion and add the overlay effect there are two overlay effect add them and change their blending to lighten. Overall effect is given in bellow button in zip file format.

Mp3 Song

Here our last part of video so go to the overlay opetion again and add the black shadow effect and add the png of Hruta name and adjust them properly.

So here our all video is ready so go to the export opetion and save our video to our gallery.

If you have any questions about making our video you can watch full Tutorial on YouTube.

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  • June 15, 2021 at 9:45 pm

    U r king of editing
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