New sstylle Statuss

New sstylle Statuss

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The president ought to be chosen by a larger part each year. The president ought to be chosen in the subsequent year. Allow it to proceed with this way. Make Brahmananda president during the current year. Likewise another person’s guardian

Select, screen pooja and so on and orchestrate suppers.

Pick a third individual. 3. The agent needs to do another thing. He needs to deal with everybody’s wellbeing. I might want to make three ideas in such manner.

(A) Each room ought to have another bed, sleeping pad, and so forth for every individual. Everybody should keep their room exceptionally perfect,

(B) There ought to be arrangement of perfect and unadulterated water for drinking and cooking. It is a grave sin to bubble food in messy or messy water.

(E) Give every one of the two saffron kafanas of a similar sort as the kafanas made for Saradanand. Everybody should keep their garments clean.

Hhoever accompanies the longing to turn into a recluse, he should initially be an abstinent.

So give confirmation. He should remain in the cloister for one year and remain out for one year.

After that he ought to be started into parsimony. 5. The assignment of love ought to be shared with some brahmacharya on the other hand.

work division

The elements of the cloister will be as per the following:

Division of Studies (2) Department of Publicity (3) Department of Sadhana. 1. Division of Studies – The motivation behind this office is to give books and instructors to the individuals who need to study. For the individuals who study.

Instructors ought to be available morning and evening. 2. Lecturing Department The evangelists of the religious community should peruse the sacred writings to the inquisitive individuals inside and outside the cloister and lead round table discussions. Away ministers ought to lecture from one town to another, and set up more religious communities like this one in better places.

The sadhana office will give the fundamental things to the people who need to do strict sadhana, however in the event that one is doing sadhana, he ought not meddle in the review or proclaiming of others. Anybody abusing these guidelines ought to be approached to leave the religious community right away. This standard should be totally observed.

Ministers living in the cloister should alternate showing the subjects of dedication, information, yoga and karma. For this reason, the day and hour ought to be fixed and the program board ought to be hung outside the study hall close to the entryway. Thusly, one who needs to comprehend the way of dedication won’t go to the class of information way and hence his commitment won’t be hurt.

Not a single one of you are appropriate for the left. Thusly, under any circumstance, the act of Vamacharasadhana ought not be done in the cloister. Any individual who whines about this standard should leave the religious community. This instrument ought to never be articulated in a religious community. Whoever enters this religious community of Lord Ramakrishna will be obliterated in this world and the following.

Some broad ideas

.In the event that a lady stays with a priest, she should visit him in the assigned room. A lady ought not go into this room or some other room with the exception of the sanctuary.

No priests can live in a ladies’ religious community. Or on the other hand

Any individual who doesn’t observe the guidelines will be ousted from the religious community.New sstylle Statuss

New sstylle Statuss

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