New Status Video Editing

Hello friends welcome to all of you into a new karbhari status video editing blog.

In this blog we are going to edit a special video on mujhko banale Teri karbharin DJ remix song.

We make this video into our mobile phones so you need alight motion software into your mobile phone.

If you don’t have the software you can easily download it by clicking on the below button.

New Status Video Editing

After downloading the elite motion software you need beat mark project and shake effect project.

First you have to open beat Marg project and add all the images and lyrics properly according to our audio and Beat mark.

After adding all of these you had to open shake if it project.

Beat Mark Project

New Status Video Editing

In Shaikh if it project you have to copy the first image effects by clicking on effects opetion.

Then you have to paste this effect into to the images in our betamark which duration is small in size.

After that you have to copy the second effect in our shake if it and paste it in in the image into h b mark which duration is bigger as compared to first.

After this you have to add flip cover effect to the larger size images into our beta mark.

After this you have to add shadow effect to our whole video.

Shake Effect Project

New Status Video Editing

After adding the shadow if you have to add karbharen png to to our shadow effect.

After this you have to add your logo and change its blending to overall and expand its duration to the last beat mark.

Here are our whole video is ready so you have to click on export option and export our video and save it into your mobile phone.

All Material

New Status Video Editing

If you have any problem for making this type of video you can directly watch of YouTube channel.

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