New trending video editing software

Hellow friends welcome to all of you in our new post on new trending video editing software.

Cap Cut App

Install the software from our telegram channel, then connect your phone to any vpn app, it will available on playstore easily.

CapCut (Viamaker) is a feature-packed video editor for Android devices that makes it easy to post-produce your audiovisual creations. This editor can add clips, trim clips, adjust values, and add music and stickers.

Song Link

Then select all the images in your gallery in which you are going to make the video. Then go to the format opetio and select the ratio of your video.

Overlay Effect

By using two fingers adjust all the images men’s fit all the images in your frame and reduce 10 images duration in to 0.5 and after this set the duration of other images in 1.

Put the pendulum animation to the first ten images and after that select further images and go to style opetio and select 3D effect.

Go to the audio opetio and add the audio which I give you in the bellow button.

After this go to the overlay opetion and after this in add overlay and add the fire particles video and adjust this video and change it’s blending to lighten.

Then add your logo and export your video then add this in your gallery.

If you have any questions about making our video you can watch full Tutorial on YouTube.

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