New Video Editing Software

New Video Editing Software For Mobile Phone

Hello friends welcome to all of you into new lyrical shake effect Ganpati Bappa video editing blog.

For this video many peoples comments on our YouTube channel comment box to make video on lyrical Ganpati Bappa Shake Effects video editing.

So finally we bring this tutorial into our blog we did this video into a mobile phone for making this type of video you need alight motion software into your mobile phone.

If you don’t have the software you can easily installed it by clicking on the Blue button after installing allied motions after you need beat mark and check if it project into your alight motion software I have provided both of you in to this blog.

First you have to open beat mark and add the text by clicking on the plus option on the right side of our software.

After adding takes you have to adjust districts by its fonts and also its colour and after that you have to go in Moore and transfer option and by using key option you have to address this effect takes effect properly according to our demo video.

Beat Mark

After address in this you have to add glow effect motion blur effect and u-shaped effect to this takes properly which gives better look to your video.

New Video Editing Software

After these you had to add further takes according to our audio song into our beat mark project.

After the song you add Ganpati Bappa full HD images to further b Mark and after this you need to add video of drop effects to the texts which you have added at the starting of our beat marks project.

Then you have to open check if it and copy the first effect and paste it into our beat marks first two images. After this you have to copy the second fate and paste it all the remaining images into our beat mark.

Shake Effect

After this you need to add a shadow effect to our host video and after adding the shadow effect you need to add shradha sthan PNG on this shadow effect I have provided you both this PNG is in our all material file.

After this you need to add when if it overlay video on the first image properly. After adding these you need to change its blending to screen and adjust it properly to the image.

New Video Editing Software

After all of these you need to add your logo on the whole video and adjust its blending to overlay and change it duration to the last beat mark.

All Material

Here are our whole video is ready so you can easily export your video by clicking on the export option on the top side of a light motion software.

If you have any problem for making this type of video you can directly watchtower full tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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