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That was it. He was insubordinate and tested the set up request. He was a mathematician and scholar. At 14 years old, he communicated the need to rebuild society.

Horpat Martin (1802-1876) was a British social scholar. As indicated by certain scholars, she was the primary female humanist. He wrote various books and expositions. Martino made an interpretation of the text into two areas in 1853. His name is ‘The Positive Philosophy of August Comte’. Martino is attributed with acquainting Comt with the English-talking world.

“Society in America is his well known book from 1937. His considerations in this book are a genuine illustration of the sociological methodology. As per Martin, it is critical to concentrate on all parts of their political, strict and social organizations while concentrating on society.” simultaneously, she demanded including ladies’ studies, being the primary social scientist to concentrate on issues like marriage, youngsters, strict practices and race. As per her, to comprehend the auxiliary status of ladies, we really want to do an all encompassing investigation of society.

He proposed the standards of “three-state law”, “positivism”, “the order of sciences”.

He was of the assessment that similarly as the human brain developed, society did as well. He was of the assessment that the improvement of a general public happens similarly that the advancement of an individual happens through youth, then, at that point, through immaturity and instinctual regular development.

Comt’s social way of thinking depends on the idea of three phases of human idea. As indicated by him, human information is being communicated through three phases of advancement.

In the main phase of strict/religious stage, the considerations and thoughts of people were totally covered with extraordinary and unnatural components. Man accepted that everything on the planet was controlled or made by this God. Man had incredible confidence in God and in human power. Humankind accepted that this large number of peculiarities were brought about by these powerful and barbaric powers. For instance, all catastrophic events are brought about by the fury of God. Newww 3ddd

This phase of profound advancement is known as the theoretical phase of philosophical turn of events. In the condition of amazing quality, the faith in these extraordinary powers step by step starts to take on a theoretical structure. Due to these cruel powers.

Newww 3ddd

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