newww styllle

newww styllle

Tomorrow we will all go together in a bullock cart.

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Mickey had a hard time hearing the next thing. He thought that his chest was about to burst, and his breath got stuck in his throat, and water gushed out of his eyes.

He ran away. The house fell behind, the market fell behind, Maruti Deal also fell behind. Even though the village fell behind, he was still receiving. Hundke on hundke and aakant from the heart. Large boulders of red soil on the road were biting his bare feet. The keys were going straight from the palms to the knees. Crying and running, Mickey’s chest burst open. Tears already wet the whole face. Now even the chest is getting wet. Mickey was running. Slowly the gray mud pool was approaching. When he reached the bridge, his speed slowed down. He was so emaciated that he couldn’t even stand up, and the pool didn’t end.

He came down from the bridge and stumbled towards the temple, balancing on the rocks. A frightening stream of water flowed from the rocks between him and the temple.

His legs were now slipping off the rocks. First because of its fatigue and then because of the stickiness of the rocks. Despite being able to swim, he was afraid of water for the first time. So much so that today we will be carried in the water. All of a sudden, he remembered his grandfather with a sigh and again burst into tears from Nakartoda. Taking the names of Maruti and Shankara, he entered the stream.

Immediately he climbed the rock and went to the temple with trembling feet. Now he felt that it was getting dark around the temple. The cold wind had blown. The fireflies were shining and flickering everywhere. Just outside the temple, they saw Dada’s sandals and Mickey was happy to see God. He walked towards the temple, taking small wet steps on the dry stones of the temple. From the inside Om Namah Shivaya’s voice was coming from the rocks. While descending the gabhara, he saw his grandfather and I sitting next to Pindi next to a Brahmin. The mother was so excited now that she was about to be robbed. Mother Ratnakar …… Ratnakar Ratnakar … and really got a loud call from him, Dada … Dada …. Dada

Dada, Madhukaka and Kushabhat also died. Hey Mickey, how did you come …… how did you come …… how did you come …. me. I … I …. I came alone …. I came …. I came …. And why did you leave me alone ….. Why did you come ….. Why did you come …. Why don’t I get up …. no …. no ….

And Mickey started crying loudly. Grandpa started laughing. The madman picked him up and came out of the temple, stunned by the sound of the rising stream of water around the temple. To the eyeballs.

newww styllle

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