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Nisha Bhat Status

Nisha Bhat Status

Sit in the meditation seat .. 8.2 Carefully try to identify the sounds that are happening around you. As much noise as possible.

Who knows Total meditation

Try to catch up. 8.3 Initially only nearby sounds will be heard. Such as the sound of a fan, the sound of pots, etc. But as you listen carefully, different sounds, sounds will be heard. 8.4 Try to catch at least five different sounds.

Now ask yourself, is this voice me? “The answer will be,” No. I just know them. “Now look inside yourself. Who is hearing and knowing? If the surrounding sound is not me, then who is the one who knows that voice? Tell yourself, ‘This voice is not me.’

Now feel the environment around you. How is the atmosphere Feel hot, cold, dry, light or heavy or sensitive. Now ask yourself, “Is this the atmosphere I am?” The answer will be, “No.” Now ask yourself, “So who knows this environment?” Now tell yourself, I am not this environment.

Now start observing your body. Is there any pain somewhere? Is there any pain somewhere? Where is the stress? Where is it going? Go to every part of the body. Go to the feet, go to the knees, go to the hands, go to the stomach. Look closely at each organ. Experience what is happening there, how it feels. It feels heavy or light, where it hurts or where clothes are touching. After approaching all the organs, ask yourself, is this sensation me?

The answer is no. Now introspect and ask, ‘What is this sensation?

If not me, who am I? Who is experiencing this sensation? “

Tell yourself that I am not a sensation. Now go to your breath. Breathing through which nostrils? Left or right? How much is breathing inside? Breathe up to the abdomen or just look up to the chest. Notice when the breath went in and out. Now introspect and ask yourself, is this breath I am? The answer is no. Now ask yourself, who is watching this coming and going of breaths? Who knows Now tell yourself, I am not this breath.

Now turn to your thoughts. What thoughts are running through your mind right now? Find out what kind of thoughts are going on. There will be a thought that there is no thought now. But this is also a thought. Now ask yourself, is the thought I am? If thoughts are not me, then who sees these thoughts? Tell yourself that the thought is ‘I am not’,

wisdom meditation

I want to put the book down immediately after reading the experiment given below. There are some things we need to understand before that. You are only using this body. This body is not you. When you drive a car, you never say ‘I am a car’. We always say this is my car. The thing with which the word mine or mine is used is simply that it is impossible for you to be. For example, my house, my eyes, my hand, etc. Now we want to do the following experiments to understand this in-depth knowledge.

Look at your left hand and ask a question, ‘Is this hand me?’ This question should be asked not only with intellect but also with sensible experience.

Nisha Bhat Status

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