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He made people eat prasada khichdi and told them long stories. In short, you are only engrossed in external treatment without doing anything else. This is called ‘imbecility’ in English. Those who have nothing but idiocy in their head are called ‘imbecile’. Whether the bell is ringing on the left side or on the right side, whether the scent is to be placed on the forehead or elsewhere, whether the lamp is to be waved twice or to be quadrupled four times. Bhagyalakshmi has boycotted you for sitting, you are kicking, and you are being cursed. Westerners, on the other hand, are the richest people in the world today. Realize that laziness and asceticism are as big as the sky.

Let it be. If you have a mental desire to be well, then give up all your rituals and treatments and start worshiping the living God. Worship every creature that takes the form of a human being, that human God, the universal as well as personal forms of God. This world alone is the universal form of God, and to worship Him is to serve Him. This is real karma, getting involved in rituals is not real karma. It is not karma to keep a plate of rice before God for ten minutes or half an hour, it is called madness.

Millions of rupees have been wasted to keep the doors of temples in Varanasi and Vrindavan open all day long! Now what if God’s cosmetics are on, now what if God is eating, now what if God’s something else is on. And if all this fuss goes on, beg there The living God has started the cult of death due to lack of perfume, lack of education! Hospitals are being set up in Mumbai, but even if people die, they will not do anything for them! It is not easy for you to understand that our country is overrun with mad hospitals and the country is afflicted with a terrible disease. No one in our country has done such a thing before. There is no point in arguing with people, we should all be friendly,

Spread the ideas, go from village to village, door to door, from house to house, only then the real work will happen. Lying in bed with a complacent attitude and ringing the bell from time to time is a pure disease. Be independent, learn to make decisions with independent intellect. In certain chapters of Amakya Amakya Tantra, by determining the length and width of the bell fist. ok kinemaster

Give me an idea of ​​what I want to do. By the will of God, lakhs of Vedas, lakhs of techniques, lakhs of Puranas will come out of your mouth …. If you can put all this into action, if you can make three or four lakh disciples in India in one year, then I have some hope!

Well, do you know the boy who shaved his head and left Mumbai for Rameshwar with Tarakdada? He calls himself a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna! Tarakdada should initiate him. … He had never met Sri Ramakrishna in his lifetime and still says he is a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna! Who is this rudeness! Nothing can happen without such an unbroken Guru tradition. What kind of play is that? Meaning one should call oneself a disciple when there is no connection! What a fool! If the boy is not ready to go straight to the right path, kick him out. I will say the same thing again, nothing can be done without Guru tradition. That is, the Guru is the disciple.

ok kinemaster

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