How to make new PUBG coming soon video editing kinemaster | Coming soon PUBG

नमस्कार भावांनो स्वागत आहे तुमच्या सर्वांचे आपल्या नवीन पोस्ट वर.

Step 1

Brothers, we have made today’s video on special public demand. Do you also know that the Indian version of pubg mobile is coming to our country soon Coming soon PUBG and pre-resignation has also started? Battleground Mobile India) So make a video on PUBG coming soon video editing kinemaster, brothers, we have finally made a video on that topic today and this video is on special public demand, so you made this video on Kinemaster. You can download the app.

Step 2

Brothers, first of all you have to launch the kinemaster app, then click on your (+) option and select the ratio of 9:16, then go to your color option and add a bag of colore of color and then you You want to keep the duration of the baground up to 20sec and go to the layer and go to the media and Battleground Mobile India wants to take the png and keep the duration of this png up to your black baground.

Step 3

Then you have to go to your audio option and add the song that I have used in the video and you have to stream black baground and Battleground Mobile India from the place where your song is playing.

Step 4

Then go to the setting option on your left side, go to the editing option, put the default duration of the photo clip at 1sec and click on the fill screen option below, and then come back and you will get all the PUBG’s HD photo’s To be kept till the end.

Step 5

After this, you have to go to the top layer and go to the effect and go to the effect and download the VFX Rewind effect in the Get More option and you want to increase the effect to the point where the duration of the black baground is. And we want to set the effect setting to 4 to 5. After all this you want to apply the effect of clip graphic to your photos. If you do not have this effect, you can go to get more and download this effect.

Step 6

After applying all the photo effects, you want to apply a shadow effect by going to the place where you took this photo.

Step 7

Then you want to put Battleground Mobile India’s png on your shadow effect and keep the duration of that png till your full video.

Step 8

At this point, if you have completed 90% of the video, then you have to go to the layer and go to media madhey and apply your logo png and keep it till the end of the duration, you have to adjust your logo and then come back to the layer and add your border png. I want to take it and adjust it according to my screen and keep it till the end of the duration and export my video.

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